Raise your hand if you thought a year ago we would be discussing the possibility of Mitch Trubisky starting at QB for the Giants?

Yeah me neither.  But, here we are folks.  Trubisky has been linked to the Giants all offseason, and Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reported today that at least one team in the backup QB market believes Trubisky will end up with Big Blue to compete with Daniel Jones for the starting job. The Giants obviously need to upgrade the backup QB position, but do they really want to spend a significant amount of money on a guy like Mitch Trubisky?  This move should ONLY be made for the right price.

About 3 months ago I wrote a blog about how no matter what situation the Giants roll out at QB in 2022, Daniel Jones would be a part of it.  The scenario I liked the least was bringing in a veteran stop-gap quarterback.  To me, 2022 should be about finding out if Daniel Jones is your franchise QB (if the Giants don’t take a QB in the draft).  If he’s not, you already have your veteran stop-gap in Jones.  I’ve said it over and over, I believe in Daniel Jones.  I want to see DJ have 1 last chance to prove he’s the guy under the tutelage of Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka.  Those guys come from arguably the two best offenses in the NFL, so if it don’t work with them, then you know it’s time to move on from Danny Dimes.  Now, like I said earlier, the Giants 100% need to upgrade their backup QB, but should the answer be Mitch Trubisky?

Let me be clear about this so this doesn’t read as a complete bashing: Mitch Trubisky is one of, if not the best backup QB in the NFL.  I have a pretty good feeling that over the next 10 years, we will see Mitch Trubisky a lot, either as a backup or fill in starter.  With that being said, I have one last question:

Should the Giants be investing in possibly the best backup QB in the NFL?

I think the obvious answer is no.  The Giants have holes all over the roster, and are in a very bad situation financially. Using a significant amount of  resources on a backup QB is not a good idea.  That’s not to say they shouldn’t get themselves a good backup QB, but it’s been reported that Mitch could get north of $10 million dollars this offseason.  Now, some may be thinking that Mitch could be a potential starter, making the potential financial commitment worth it.  The reason I don’t want Mitch has nothing to do with the competition.  If Daniel Jones can’t beat out Mitch Trubisky, then I think we can confirm that he is not “The Guy” (if you haven’t already given up on him).  For the sake of this conversation, let’s just say Mitch was to earn the starting gig.  Do we really believe HE is going to be “The Guy” moving forward?  Mitch can be a solid QB, but I believe DJ could be much more than that.

It comes down to the same argument I made 3 months ago:  Either you find out DJ is the guy, or he is used as a built in stop gap QB. The Giants need a backup QB and someone to push Jones in camp, but Mitch’s price tag seems like it will be far too much.

Unless Mitch gives his old Coach a discount, it doesn’t make sense to bring him in here.   

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