Throughout the offseason, I am going to be looking at former Giants that go under the radar as far as their legacy goes.  The first player I want to highlight in this series is Rodney Hampton. Hampton was the 24th pick in 1990 NFL draft out of Georgia.  He went on to be one of the best Giants of the decade, and doesn’t get nearly enough credit for it.

The Giants have had a number of great running backs throughout their history.  When you think of these great backs, some of the names that come to mind are Tiki Barber, Joe Morris, OJ Anderson, Frank Gifford, and Brandon Jacobs.  Never, or at least not often, do you hear Rodney Hampton’s name.

Do you know who is right behind Tiki Barber as number 2 on the Giants all-time rushing yardage list?  Rodney Hampton.

Do you know who is number 3 on the Giants all-time rushing touchdown list? Rodney Freakin Hampton.

Hampton was a rookie on the 1990 Giants Super Bowl team, but he really started to show his worth after that season.  Rodney went 5 straight years with over 1,000 rushing yards from 1991- 1995.  Along the way he was selected to 2 Pro Bowls.  The 1990’s weren’t exactly the best of times for the Giants, but Hampton was a central part of those teams.  Now, there may be a reason Hampton isn’t discussed as an all-time great.  Hampton’s yards per carry weren’t always great, as 3 of the 5 1,000 yard seasons Hampton had he was averaging under 4 yards per carry.  He also was never exactly the best receiver out of the backfield.  His career high in receiving yardage was 283. With all that being said, Hampton played his entire 8-year career with the G-Men, and he was one of their best players for much of that time.  Had the Giants had a Quarterback and better overall team, Hampton’s name may be discussed much more.

Through writing blogs and looking back at old Giants games/seasons, Hamptons name pops up a ton.  Without doing this research though, you never seem to hear his name.

This is unwarranted, as Rodney Hampton is not only underrated, he is one of the best Running Backs this franchise has ever had.

Take a look at some of Rodney Hampton’s best touchdowns:

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