If and when this MLB Lockout ends, there’s going to be a mad dash of signings before spring training begins. Depending on what the Collective Bargaining Tax is, the Yankees could be big spenders or add little pieces here and there.

One piece that has made sense the entire way is Matt Olson. He still has two more years until he hits free agency and like with every other good Oakland A’s player, he’s not going to re-sign. So that means it’s open bidding for the left-handed hitting slugger. The Yankees have certainly been in the conversation with Olson as it is no secret that they need a first baseman and a left-handed hitter.

Olson is a left-handed hitting, athletic, great defensive first baseman. What has been at the forefront of the Yankees’ lack of success in the postseason over the last half decade has been their hitting, especially coming out of the first base position. They employed the likes of Chris Carter and Greg Bird at that position before improving slightly with Voit on the offensive side and then turning to Anthony Rizzo on the defensive side this past season.

Another player could be in on that deal which could make for a blockbuster trade. Someone like Ramon Laureano, a center fielder who is a terrific defender could be an option. If they wanted to go the pitching route, Sean Manaea or Frankie Montas could be in the picture.

How about both?

Likely not going to happen realistically, however it is very possible ONE of those pieces could be involved in a trade along with Olson. The Yankees would have to give up a haul, but if you’re the Yankees you can’t play for the future forever. Moves have to be made, risks have to be taken in order to get to the top of the mountain as Aaron Boone would say.

Don’t overthink this one, get it done.

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