The MLB lockout is still ongoing and there is no telling when it will end.

Despite this there has been some buzz about a notable free agent first baseman coming to the Bronx.

Throughout the offseason it has been an assumption that Freeman would return to the Atlanta Braves, the place he spent his whole career and the team he just won a World Series with.

The negotiations between Freeman and the Braves have not been all sunshines and rainbows though. The Braves have reportedly offered him a five-year deal for $135 million. Freeman is said to be looking for a sixth year on the deal.

This has opened the door for other teams get in on Freeman. The Dodgers are a possible destination as Freeman grew up in California. The Yankees have been linked to him as well.

How does Freeman fit the Yankees though? He is a left-handed hitter and one of the best first basemen in baseball. There is a lot to like from that standpoint. But does paying Freeman likely just under $30 million a year for six years make sense for the Yankees?

Freeman is 32 years old, so that is a downside. With DJ LeMahieu already 33 years old and with the Yankees for five more seasons it would mean the Yankees would have older players at two spots in the infield for many years.

When looking at the Yankees roster their biggest hole is at shortstop, they do not even have one on the roster at this point. The discussion about Carlos Correa and Trevor Story has been beaten to death. But for the sake of the discussion let’s compare a 10 year deal for Correa to a six year deal for Freeman.

Correa is 27 and when his 10 year deal is done he will be 37. When Freeman’s six year deal is done he will be 38. Correa will cost around $35 million a year and Freeman will cost a bit below $30 million. Or they could opt for Story at a similar deal that Freeman would get.

This is not to say that fans should not be excited if the Yankees added Freeman, he would improve the team a significant amount. But if they are committing signing someone for around $30 million or more, opting for one of the shortstop free agents would serve the team better.

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