Despite the old mantra that there is not such thing as an “offseason” in football anymore, particularly at the NFL level, I had to label this article as an offseason hypothetical move because the Jets are exactly at that juncture in time – the offseason.  Yes, things will be ramping up in about a month or so as the next NFL Draft comes into play but let’s look at possible trade moves that are brewing inside the Gang Green Nation.

What Jets player may be on the trading block?  In all reality, all of the players are potential trade fodder as this team tries to build itself into a respectable team capable of competing for a playoff spot in 2022.  It’s doubtful that the Jets front office may seriously think about trading Zach Wilson yet or that RB Michael Carter is a serious trade possibility as well but who knows – if the offers come in that moves the right players in and out and saves a lot of cash, then the whole 53 man roster is up for grabs.  Again, Zach Wilson showed a lot of potential of the QB he could become down the road but let’s be real, he’s not there yet and he may not be there completely in 2022.  Michael Carter looked good and became an offensive team leader this past season but he hopefully hasn’t reached the peak of his potential either.

The real trade targets are those players who weren’t exactly busts but who didn’t live up to the hype or draft potential in the eyes of the Jets front office.  The first player who comes to mind is WR Denzel Mims.  Having watched what Mims is capable of during his Baylor days, I figured that he would have capitalized on the devasted Jets WR corps in 2021 and proved his worth by moving up the depth chart.  I also thought he would be a special teams weapon as well but injuries and a general lack of production as a wideout greatly limited Mims’ impact as an offensive weapon.  If other teams come calling, I wouldn’t be surprised if Denzel Mims isn’t wearing another NFL uniform this coming season.

Another disappointment on the defensive side was S Ashtyn Davis.  Davis was a highly touted 2020 draft pick and has never really shown that he is a starting safety.  Yes, Davis has shown some level of greatness here and there but to be a starting NFL safety you need to show that greatness on every play, every series and every single game.  There are a lot of secondary players in the NFL and the Jets could use Davis as an enticement for another trade.  Of course, things can blow up in your face and Davis may well be traded and then turn out to be an All-Pro with another organization.  The jury is still out on Ashtyn Davis’ days with the Jets but keep your eyes and ears out for a possible trade.

On the offensive side of the ball, RB Ty Johnson.  Johnson fell down the depth charts this past season and with the rise of Michael Carter as the go-to running back with veteran players behind him,  Ty Johnson’s days with the Jets may soon come to a close.  Johnson would be a very inexpensive trade and there are many other NFL teams looking for healthy running backs all the time so a Johnson trade to lighthen up the Jets RB corps may be a prudent business decision.  Again, injuries early on this coming season may cause any trades to blow up in the faces of the Jets organization but it may be time to let these young players move on and see if they can find their calling with another organization.

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