In a normal year there would be a ton of excitement surrounding pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training.

Of course that is not happening right now because of the ongoing MLB lockout. Spring training is in all likelihood delayed and opening day might be pushed back as well. Not to mention the Yankees have not even made any significant changes to their roster. We have a lot to get through before even dreaming about excitement for the Yankees in 2022.

With that said, here are the top three stories that happen in every spring training that baseball fans miss.

1. Best Shape of Their Life or New Training Routine Story

Anyone who has followed the Yankees at any point in their life knows this happens every year. One that sticks out that has seemingly happened every year involves the Gary Sanchez. Whether it is a new catching stance or a picture of him that gets posted that makes Yankees fans say he looks lean and in great shape, there has always been something revolving around Sanchez.

The big one that happened last year was when it was announced that Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton were laying off the weight lifting a bit and doing more yoga in hopes of staying healthy. That one worked like a charm and Eric Cressey deserves a ton of credit.

2. The Spring Training Hero

Every year there is someone who is not thought of much at all who has a monster spring training and the fanbase falls in love with them. One of the most fun examples of this goes back to 2014. Yangervis Solarte had a monster spring training that year and the Yankees happened to have third base open so he made the opening day roster. That gave birth to one of John Sterling’s best home run calls.

Greg Bird is another example which does not bring up as many fond memories, but it goes to show that every year there is someone who performs extremely well in spring that the fanbase falls in love with.

3. The Weather in Tampa Bay vs New York

One of the best parts of the spring training broadcasts is the weather report. Sitting in my house watching a spring training game when it’s in the 30s and seeing that it is in the mid 60s where they are playing always makes me a little bit jealous, but it reminds me that the warm weather and real baseball is not that far away.

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