Head Coach Brian Daboll Wins the Day! New Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll, his wife Beth, and the rest of the family were introduced this morning by new GM Joe Schoen. After a few opening remarks by Daboll, he then fielded questions and had fun with the media.

The new head coach got to work on Saturday by driving down from Buffalo in the snowstorm. He remarked that one of the few people in the Giants facility that morning was Daniel Jones. Since arriving, he said he’s spent about “40 hours on Zoom”. After 21 years of coaching in the NFL, Brian Daboll shared his one key ingredient for his success…”just be true to yourself, the players, and who you work with”. Well, if today’s first meeting with the media is any indication, Brian Daboll will be a breath of fresh air in front of the cameras and microphones.

Right off the bat, when he was ready for questions, his first instruction was “one each”. Immediately, Dan Duggan from The Athletic stated he had a two-part question. “Already Dan? First Day?”, Daboll quipped. Paul Schwartz then led his question with a comparison of young and old coaches having success. Daboll interrupts the question with, “Which one am I, Paul?” With national media that he’s spoken with before, Brian was very personal. Mike Garafolo of NFL Network drew a “Hey Buddy, nice hat!” from Daboll. A little more than halfway through the conference, Daboll made reference to this Q&A going great his four-year-old just fell asleep. Matt Lombardo from FanSide had his question interrupted by Daboll, “Did you walk in late?” and “Are you already making excuses?” His final quip came with a question from Chris Bisignano of Giants Insider and his heavy Brooklyn accent. “Where you from, South Carolina?”

Finally, Brian Daboll resisted all questions on how he intends to use Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley and any comparisons to Josh Allen.  Daboll was very complimentary about Jones and some of the things he likes about him.  Daboll also mentioned his 22-year-old son is a Graduate Assistant at Penn State.  So, he’s been getting all the scoop on Barkley.  

Listening to the whole press conference, you could feel a collective sigh of relief and relaxation within the room as well as on social media. “Leading, cultivating, and inspiring” were frequent words within Brian Daboll’s answers as well as the answers of Joe Schoen and John Mara in their side interviews.  Yes, it was good to hear laughter again at 1925 Giants Drive and Quest Diagnostics Center.  

The last quip offered from this event belonged to John Mara after his side session with the media. “There’ll be a free Pepsi waiting for you on the way out…Large.”

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