If you haven’t heard, the Giants have hired former Bills Offensive Coordinator as Head Coach of the New York Giants!

Daboll has been in the league a long time and been a coordinator in a few different places. His most recent work though, is his best work.  Daboll has worked with Bills QB Josh Allen since he was drafted in 2018.  Allen has slowly grown into a top 5 QB in this league, which in turn has turned the Bills offense into a juggernaut.  Daboll’s work with Allen and the Bills offense is what made him such a hot candidate and got him this Head Coaching job.  The question now is, can Daboll do to Daniel Jones what he did for Josh Allen?

Daniel Jones has been somewhat of a polarizing figure since the Giants shocked the world and took him at number 6 in the 2019 NFL draft.  Many looked at Jones as a backup QB in this league and thought picking him at 6 was insane.  After his rookie year, Jones at least quieted some of those critics.  He still had his flaws, but Jones showed major potential. Then the last two years working with Jason Garrett, Jones has not looked the same.  He went from throwing 24 touchdowns his rookie year, to throwing 21 total the next two.   He has yet to match the 3,027 yards he threw his rookie year.  His QB rating has also yet to reach his rookie season’s high of 87.8.  Jones is heading into year 4 of his career, and the Giants have two top ten draft picks.  If the Giants want, they have the ability to draft a QB, but all signs right now point to Jones staying, as Schoen and Daboll both have spoke as if he will be the starter in 2022.

So, with all this working against Jones and new Head Coach Brian Daboll, can the Giants new leader get enough out of Jones to cement him as the franchise QB he was drafted to be?

In 2018, the Giants had the opportunity to draft Josh Allen with the second overall pick.  It is easy now to say how stupid the Giants are for not pulling the trigger on that.  It is important to remember though, Allen was a raw prospect, and he wasn’t the current version of himself right away.  Allen’s rookie year he dealt with an elbow injury, threw for just 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, and his completion percentage was just 52.8%.  His sophomore season saw the Bills improve, and Allen’s numbers grew, but were still nothing to write home about (3,089 yards, 20 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 58.8% completion percentage). The last two seasons is where the Bills QB became the Josh Allen everyone knows and loves.  Allen has thrown for well over 4,000 yards the past two years, 37 and 36 touchdowns, and his completion percentage in 2020 went all the way up to 69.9% and this year was 63.3%.  Even in Allen’s first two mediocre years, Daboll has also always gotten a lot  out of Allen’s legs.  He has ran for at least over 500 yards every year of his career (with a high of 763 this year) and somewhere between 6-9 touchdowns.

It took Daboll three years to get all of this out of Allen, can he do it in one with Jones?

I have not made this a secret: I am a believer in Jones.  I think that his rookie year he showed major potential, and the loss of Pat Shurmur and the addition of Jason Garrett greatly hindered Jones’s growth. With all of that being said, Jones still has plenty of flaws and his health has been an issue every year of his career.  That is why despite the fact that I do believe in Jones,  I don’t think the Giants should pick up his 5th year option.  With all of that being said, I think Daboll can get a lot out of Jones this year. Allen was putting up the type of numbers Jones is now his rookie year; the difference is that Jones isn’t a raw rookie.  Jones has experience in this league and has shown that he has the ability to put up numbers.  I’m also going to give Jason Garrett credit on two things: he helped get Jones’s turnovers down and utilized Jones’s legs well.  Jones’s main problem was his fumbles, which went from 19 his rookie year, to 10 the next year, and then 7 this year (which would have been about 11 on a 17 game scale).   Garrett also made Jones’s legs a key part of his game (423 yards rushing in 2020 and on pace for 460 in 2021).  Now Daboll can coach up Jones all he wants, but the Giants front office needs to build a team around DJ.  This offense is missing A LOT of pieces, so Joe Schoen will be vital in the year Jones has.  There is obviously many moving parts, but with Jones’s improvement on turnovers, the flashes of potential he has shown even thorough a bad Garrett offense, and with a coach like Daboll, Daniel Jones could have himself a very solid 2022.

Brian Daboll’s time with the Giants will not hinder on the play of Daniel Jones in 2022.  BUT if Daboll can get Jones to play to his potential in 2022, we may not have to worry about the QB position going forward. There’s a lot of things that need to be done to make this happen outside of just Daboll’s guidance.  The Giants front office has to put a competent team around Jones, Jones himself has to stay healthy, and Daboll and GM Brian Schoen need to decide that they don’t want any of the QBs in the upcoming draft.

Brian Daboll turned Josh Allen into a Franchise QB, He Now has the Chance to Make the Giants Quarterback Situation Much More Clear Moving Forward.

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