The Monday after the last week of the NFL season is also known as “Black Monday.”  This is due to the firings of Head Coach’s and General Managers across the NFL.  To many Giants fans dismay, Big Blue did not really take part in Black Monday. They let their now former General Manager, Dave Gettleman, “retire”, after 4 losing seasons rather than fire him.  Although many fans wanted to see him fired, his retiring did lead to the start of the Giant’s General Manger search of candidates across the NFL.  What came off as a bit confusing, was the Giants handling of Head Coach Joe Judge.  Judge did not speak to the media yesterday, and in Co-Owner’s John Mara and Steve Tisch’s press releases, there was no mention of Coach Judge.  When player’s spoke, they said that Judge had just led a team meeting that left them under the impression that he was coming back.  Josina Anderson released a report backing this up, but then by the end of the day, Mike Garafolo reported that ownership was going to let the new General Manager decide on who the Head Coach is going to be.  So that begs the question:

What the Hell is Going on?

What I think is happening is that ownership wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t want to fire yet another Head Coach.  I wrote last week about what  options John Mara may have with Judge, and this was not a scenario I foresaw.  In an ideal world, this would be a good route to go, because although many want Judge gone regardless, I personally don’t think he got the fairest shake in the world and was screwed from the get-go by being paired with a GM on the hot seat.  So Mara doesn’t feel the need to fire him just yet, but wants his new General Manager to make the final decision. The problem with this is that Mara clearly wants Judge back.  If he truly wanted the next GM to make the decision, wouldn’t he just let Judge go so there was no looming Head Coach that ownership clearly wanted back?  Judge still being here adds a weird dynamic to the whole GM search that may still turn off potential candidates.

To sum up this bizzare situation:

Giants Ownership wants to do the right thing, but they’re only doing it half way.

Ownership, or at least John Mara, is clearly a Joe Judge fan, and I think that is why he isn’t fired already.  Ownership is saying to every GM candidate that interviews for the job without actually saying it, that they would like Judge back, but YOU need to make the decision. This is because ownership wants the GM and Head Coach to be on the same page, which is good thing.  But, if that is the case, why not just let the new GM hire his own Head Coach?  Only one candidate (Monti Ossenfort of the Titans) so far has a past with Judge, which apparently has no bearing on why they requested to interview him, so why would anyone else want to work with Judge?  What new GM is going to want to work with a Coach going on the hot seat, and why would the Giants let that happen anyway?  Listen maybe I am wrong, maybe ownership is being completely unbiased and has no feelings toward getting rid of or keeping Judge.  If that is the case:

Then why not just rip the band aid off completely, and truly let the GM Pick his Head Coach?  


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