Will John Mara fire Joe Judge on Black Monday?  That is the Million Dollar Question.

Just a few weeks ago, Adam Schefter reported that the Giants were moving forward with Judge in 2022.  That report came in the midst of a 3 game losing streak, and since then, things have somehow gotten worse for the Giants with 2 embarrassing losses in a row.  This losing streak has made the voices calling for Judge’s head even louder.  Now, we as fans can scream and yell all we want, but at the end of the day, this decision comes down to one man: John Mara.  To most fans, the decision on Judge may be easy, but let’s try and look at all of this from John Mara’s perspective.

To Mara, firing his 3rd Head Coach in the last 5 years would be detrimental.  He craves the stability the Giants once had.  In the past, sticking with head coaches that were on the hot seat has paid off for the Giants.  The Giants stuck with Bill Parcells in the early 80s and it lead to 2 Super Bowl titles.  They stuck with Tom Coughlin when fans were calling for his head back in 2007.  A year later they were Super Bowl Champions, and 4 years later they added another trophy to the case.  I highly doubt John Mara is expecting Joe Judge to win a Super Bowl next year, but he believes that in order to build a winner, there needs to be stability.  I don’t think he is wrong, but the only thing that has been stable with the Giants the last 10 years is losing.  Despite a poor record through two years, John Mara clearly believes in Joe Judge.  He believes he can be the man that can get the job done and bring the Giants back to the promise land.  What he needs to weigh though, is the implications of his beliefs if they are wrong.

Dave Gettleman is gone.  That’s as close to a fact as you can get, without something actually being a fact.  So, in John Mara’s search for a new GM, what role does Judge play if Mara does indeed plan to keep him?  Does Joe Judge have a say in who the next GM is?  Has he earned that right?  Is John Mara’s belief in Joe Judge that strong that he would be open to this?  I don’t think a guy who currently has a record of 10-22 should have that much say in who is running the team moving forward.  The next thing to think about is if GM candidates will have any interest in working with Joe Judge.  Many, including possibly the best candidates, would want to hire their own Head Coach.  Former Giant and current ESPN radio host Chris Canty has already said he received word that one possible GM candidate  said they wouldn’t work with Judge.  John Mara is a smart man, so he must understand that keeping Judge would lead to GM candidates being lost.  If he still wants to stick with Judge while knowing this, what is his next option?  He could go find a candidate that is willing to work with Judge, but that could lead to a situation where if Judge fails next year, then you’re going to have another GM hiring a Head Coach after they themselves already had a poor first season.  This would be like in 2019, when Pat Shurmur was fired and Gettleman was retained.  Which then lead to Gettleman hiring Judge, which lead us to right now.  Do we really want to make that mistake again?  What he can do to avoid all of this is promote long time Assistant GM Kevin Abrams!  He’s been with the Giants for over 20 years, works hard, and deserves the chance!  Sure, he has been in the Giants front office for a long time, buttttttt so was Dave Gettleman.  He also was Gettleman AND Jerry Reese’s Assistant GM.  Meaning he had a hand in the last two GM’s failures.  Is this really the guy John Mara wants to present to fans as the next savior?  I can say confidently that most fans wouldn’t buy it.

Keeping Joe Judge and hiring a new General Manager risks the Giants landing right back in the situation they are right now in 3-4 years.  Promoting Assistant GM Kevin Abrams can lead to a complete cleaning of the house a year from now which is just delaying the inevitable and handing this offseason to what would more than likely be the same Giants front office as right now.  No matter what, keeping Joe Judge is taking a massive risk.  Mara can reason that Judge hasn’t gotten a completely fair shake at this job, and he may be right.  Judge was hired by a GM on the hot seat, allegedly has had coaches forced upon him, and has dealt with a ton of injuries this year.  I don’t know if I would feel as strongly about letting Judge go if it weren’t for the fact that you know a new GM is coming in.  I like Judge, I really do, but this team is no longer competing in games and he hasn’t done enough in 2 years to justify keeping him in this current situation.

I laid out just about every scenario that may be going through John Mara’s head.  To me, and most of you, it seems obvious the Giants need to move on from Judge.  It isn’t as obvious to John Mara.

Come Black Monday, Will Mara Move On, or Take a Huge Gamble on a Guy He Believes in?  We will all Find Out Soon Enough.

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