Sunday versus Mr. Tom Brady & Company had to be an emotional roller coaster for the Jets.  At halftime, they were leading the reigning Super Bowl champions and yet again the Jets snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

When all of the game dust finally settled, the Jets weren’t that bad of a football team and almost pulled out an upset on the Bucs but eventually fell victim to the seemingly millionth time Tom Brady has put together yet another last minute winning drive.  Part of the blame may rest for allowing Mr. Brady back into this game with two minutes left on OC Mike LaFleur who called for a QB sneak on fourth and two on the Bucs’ seven yard line.  This play call may work if your Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady but possibly not the right call to a rookie QB with a young O line.  This call will echo into Jets lore for years to come.  In retrospect, it may have been a decent call but failure allowed the Bucs to have time on the clock and the greatest comeback QB in NFL history the opportunity to pull out another comeback victory.  A field goal may have well allowed the same result –  we can dwell on it for a day or two but then time to get ready for the Bills next week.

Zach Wilson looked much improved in what turned out to be a losing effort and to his credit he hasn’t thrown an interception in four games which is a promising accomplishment that he is growing up as an NFL QB and starting to learn how to pre-snap read his coverages.  Wilson finished the day throwing 19 for 33 with 234 yards and one TD reception.  Wilson’s favorite target for the day was Braxton Berrios who also turned in a solid performance with two TD’s  including an 11 yard run and eight catches for 65 yards.  Michael Carter turned in a good effort early on with a 55 yard run but was out later due to a concussion.  All in all, the Jets run game was able to muster 150 yards on the ground against a stingy Bucs run defense.

The Jets D held Tom Brady in the first half and at halftime the Jets were in the lead 17-10.  However, Tom Brady being Tom Brady meant that he turned in another typical game and threw 34 out of 50 passes for 410 yards, three TD’s and one interception.  Tom Brady has had a field day whenever he has played the Jets and on Sunday there wasn’t any deviation from that script.  The Jets currently stand at 4-12 and have one more shot next week against the Buffalo Bills to pull out another win.  I would like to point out one positive note on the Jets season: two of the Jets four wins have come against AFC division champions this season (Tennessee and Cincinnati.)  If for some reason the Jets could win next week, they will have beaten three solid playoff teams – something to work for in this week’s game plan and something to build on for 2022.


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