The 2021 New York Yankees gave fans as many ups and downs as they possibly could. From unwatchable to unbeatable back to unwatchable. In all of the 162 game craziness, I looked back on some of the best moments from the tumultuous season.

10. Aaron Boone’s ejection in Oakland

As the years go by, Aaron Boone’s fuse seems to become shorter and shorter. That’s why he gives us my 10th most memorable moment of the 2021 season. After a very wide strike zone culminated in Joey Gallo being run up on a pitch a foot outside, Boone dropped one of his more memorable rants, highlighted by another famous Jomboy breakdown.

9. Gio runs into the dugout

With the Yankees season on the line, Gio Urshela nearly put his life on the line going after this pop up from Austin Meadows. Boone described as he ran over to tend to Urshela that he thought he was running over to the “Jaws of Life” scene. Derek Jeter would be proud.

8. Joey Gallo’s signature Yankee moment vs Seattle

Gallo made his mark less than a week after joining the Yankees in a big game against the playoff-contending Mariners. A high towering fly ball down the right field line snuck inside the foul pole and into the stands that sent Yankee Stadium into pandemonium. 

7. Field of Dreams game

The Yankees lost this game but I don’t think too many fans fret about it now. The Yankees trailed 7-4 going into the 9th but two home runs by the Bash Bros 2.0 gave the Yankees an 8-7 lead. At the time, it was probably the hit of the year.

6. Stanton’s game-tying home run following Lindor’s “whistle” allegation

After Francisco Lindor alleged the Yankees whistled the night before in an inning where they hit three home runs, Lindor blew the whistle at the Yankees following his second home run. Stanton answered back with a home run himself and let Lindor know what he thought of the situation

5. Judge/Stanton clutch hits on Sunday Night Baseball at Fenway

With the Yankees going for a sweep and the top spot in the AL Wild Card race, they needed their two best players to come up with big hits. They did just that with Judge ripping a go-head two run double and Stanton hitting another monster home run to give the Yankees some breathing room.

4. Judge’s walk off hit sends Yankees to playoffs

Bottom of the 9th, 0-0 game, the big man gets the big hit to send the Yankees into the postseason. The game, the situation, everything about that moment was the epitome of 2021 Yankees baseball and Judge delivered like he did so many other times throughout the season.

3. 13 game winning streak

After the Field of Dreams game, the Yankees never wanted to lose again. For two weeks, it looked like they wouldn’t winning 13 games in a row. 

2. Judge’s 9/11 game-tying home run

A highly emotional night was already underway prior to the first pitch even being thrown and the baseball was emotional for different reasons. The Yankees cruised to a 5-0 lead behind three home runs. Then, in typical Yankee fashion, they ended up trailing 7-5 in the 8th. That’s when Aaron Judge dropped the gavel on New York City, tying the game with a mammoth home run to left field in a game the Yankees eventually won 8-7.

  1. Stanton’s Grand Slam in Boston

By far my favorite moment of the season. Down 2-1 in a game the Yankees needed to win, Stanton comes up with the bases loaded and hits one of the farthest home runs I’ve seen hit, over the green monster to give the Yankees a 5-2 lead and eventually, the win.

Here’s to better (if any) baseball in 2022.

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