As we wind down the end of 2021 going into the Christmas holiday, I find myself asking the question…

What do I want on my Yankee Christmas list?

1) Carlos Correa

The need for a shortstop has been nauseating to talk about at times because we talk about it so often. A player that can do it all: hit for average, hit for power, has speed, plays great defense, and plays with a chip on his shoulder.

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We saw at times last season that it seemed as though the Yankees didn’t want to play baseball. Having Correa in the mix can change that culture.

2) Matt Olson

The Yankees went and got Anthony Rizzo at the trade deadline due to the injuries of Luke Voit and their constant void at first base (No pun intended).

Olson, a left-handed bat, and swing, primed for Yankee Stadium. Olson has tended to play well in the Big Apple, so him being afraid of the New York spotlight should not be of concern at all.

3) A Change in Philosophy

No more of the home run and die method, Time to hit for contact, run the bases well, move guys over, play good defense, increase baseball IQ.

All of these things ended up costing the Yankees in the postseason and eventually knocked them out.

If the Yankees want to get to championship number 28, these are the things that can start that process.

Over the course of the season, there will be inevitable moves to make due to injuries or other things to make the roster stronger, but if Santa gives me all of the things on my Yankee Christmas list, number 28 is closer than we think right now.

Get Correa and Olson out of American League foes and turn them into Evil Empire Yankees.

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