Well, now you have it folks.  The 30th ranked NFL defense just lost to the 31st ranked run offense as the Jets found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by losing 31-24 to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.  I guess the Jets can’t find a way to even bribe Santa for a win.

What does this game really show?  The Jets defense needs to work on tackling drills all week long. Nothing elaborate, mind you.  Just simple, wrap-up tackling drills that players and coaches use week in and week out every season from the junior high level on up.  Sometimes football is so simple it’s mind-numbing but what’s more mind numbing is when practically the weakest run team in the NFL blows holes big enough to drive dump trucks through your defense so you look like a junior high football team out there.  Simple tasks such as gap assignments, pursuit angles, reading the pulling guard, etc. All the things every football coach has said until they’re blue in the face or busting a blood vessel in their neck are so true even at the NFL which is the highest level supposedly of professional football.

The scariest thing about the loss on Sunday was the third quarter injury to S Elijah Riley who had to be wheeled off the field.  Getting promoted off of the practice squad last month to fill in wide gaps in the Jets defensive roster, Riley looks like he will be alright after a serious neck injury where he laid motionless on the field but initial medical reports are positive and he will likely fully recover.  The Jets officially are the most injured team in the NFL which is a statistic that no team strives for when they start out in training camp in July.

The Miami Dolphins haven”t had a 100 yard rusher in any game this season – until Sunday versus the Jets.  Duke Johnson  registered his first 100 yard game of his career courtesy of the Jets defense and logged in 107 yards on 22 carries.  The Dolphins have moved up from a paltry 3.3 yards per carry to 4.4 yards, also courtesy of the Jets defense.  Over the last three games, the Jets have given up an average of 190 yards on the ground and six rushing TD’s.  In reality, the Jets were in this game after Brandin Echol’s pick -Six brought the score to 24-24 but the Dolphins put together one more 55 yard drive and scored late in the fourth quarter to seal the deal and send the Jets home with their 11th loss this season.

There are exactly three game to go this season with the Jacksonville Jaguars up next.  The Jags are going through their Urban Meyer-less adjustments right now and this could be another chance for the Jets to put another W in the standings.  Unfortunately, the last two games are against Tom Brady & Tampa Co. and the Bills which will be a brutal way to end the season.  All we can hope for is that the Jets can limp their way home to finish out this season without any more serious injuries and then start working on the 2022 season – the sooner the better.

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