Fans have been waiting all season for Brooklyn’s star point guard to return back to the court alongside Kevin Durant and James Harden, completing the Nets Big 3. The Nets organization announced earlier on Friday that Irving has officially started the process to rejoin the team. 

Before the season started, Kyrie Irving made it clear that he will not be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. When asked about his position on receiving the vaccine and the NBA’s guidelines, Irving expressed that he plans to wait out the process and hopes the league will eventually modify its position. Irving has also stated that if the league does not back down its position, then he is more than willing to miss a few games. 

Fast-forward 30 games and Irving still has yet to play. During this window, the Nets did not actively seek out Irving trades, but they were actively taking calls from other teams. Luckily for 

Nets Fans, Kevin Durant and James Harden have been able to help their team take control of the East’s #1 seed at a 21-9 record.  

Currently, it is unknown exactly when Kyrie can return back to the court as he must pass fitness exams as well as COVID-19 health and safety protocols. After Irving clears these protocols, he will be eligible to play on road games as New York City’s vaccine mandate requires Irving’s vaccination to play.  


Irving’s return to the Nets will help complete the team and add another dynamic scorer to the Nets’ arsenal; however, I feel as though Irving’s full presence will not be immediately felt by this team. Similar to Harden at the beginning of the season, Irving will likely need a few games to get adjusted and perform like the superstar he is. 

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