Well, the old saying is to “wait until next year” and in this case it’s very appropriate for the 2021 Jets season.  Fans, players and coaches alike have tried to make something out of this crazy season and although there has been some glimmers of hope, this season will essentially go down in football history as a building block for the future.

On Sunday, the Jets put on a happy face and fought it out with the Philadelphia Eagles but the end result was an all-too familar 33-18 loss.  The Jets were thrown for an immediate loop when the Eagles took the field and backup Gardner Minshew took over the helm in place of Jalen Hurts, who is nursing an ankle injury but was expected to start this game.  As an old football coach, you prepare for eventualities but build your game plan on what you know from film studies and I’m sure Robert Saleh’s overall plan was thrown out the window the moment he found out Minshew would get the start ahead of Hurts.  Zach Wilson kept up his tradition of having a turnover in every start this season with his 11th interception.  That being said, the Jets were actually in this game for awhile and Wilson had a good overall first half as he threw 12 for 14 passes for 108 yards and 2 TD’s.  Elijah Moore continued to improve as a WR and caught 6 for 12 passes for a TD.  Wilson showed some leadership and Robert Saleh developed a sense of urgency on a fourth and goal TD throw to Ryan Griffin.

Even with the steps forward, the Jets this season seem to always find a way to take three steps back in all of their nine losses.  The Jets D led the way with six costly penalties and gave up 418 total yards to Minshew and Company.  Even worse, the Jets special teams unit looks like a sinking ship with the firing of Matt Ammendola after missing three FG attempts and opening up the kicking job to tryouts this week.  Let’s see who can kick better than our current kicker, right?  Well, former Pitt kicker Alex Kessman stepped up and showed his “stuff” by winning the starting job this week against the Eagles.  Now, drumroll, please.  How did Kessman do in his first start?  He proceeded to miss his first two extra points and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an open kicking tryout again this week at the Jets practice.  Anyone with an strong leg is welcome to step and and give it the old college try.  There’s five more games left and five more chances to make something of this year and show some growth going into 2022.


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