Major League Baseball and its owners induced the league’s first work stoppage since 1994-1995 when they locked the players out, which began at 12:01am on Thursday. This means that there will be a freeze in transactions for the duration of the lockout. The Yankees did not make any moves other than tendering contracts to the likes of Gary Sanchez and Gio Urshela, among others.

Many major free agents went off the board including a couple of targets that the Yankees had in mind. Starling Marte signed with the New York Mets and Corey Seager signed with the Texas Rangers. For many Yankee fans, it was the end of the world because they hadn’t made any moves.

The big fish in Carlos Correa is still out in the market as is Freddie Freeman, Clayton Kershaw and many others that failed to sign on the dotted line prior to the lockout. The flurry activity we saw prior to the lockout will likely pick right back up as soon as the owners allow it to happen.

All of this leaves the question as to what holes do the Yankees need to fill when activity resumes? Aaron Hicks is having a solid campaign playing winter ball and if healthy on opening day, the expected everyday centerfielder. Urshela will be back at third base and Sanchez back behind the plate. The one key hole is shortstop and a secondary worry is first base.

Option one for the Yankees is to re-sign Anthony Rizzo. The option that’s most been talked about is trading for Matt Olson. Many Yankee fan’s pipedream is to see Correa and Olson in navy blue pinstripes on opening day. When a new CBA is negotiated, we won’t know if there will be a salary floor, cap or if the luxury tax is increased. That is why you saw all of the activity you did over the last week because teams and players didn’t know what would happen in that regard.

Pitching depth is always a concern for the Yankees and will likely go after some starting pitching. You’re likely looking at a four man rotation at the moment with Gerrit Cole, Jordan Montgomery, Luis Severino and Jameson Taillon. The Yankees have always had 6-7 starters on opening day with the inevitability of injuries occurring.

Don’t panic, there are still pieces out there to add. It just won’t happen for a while.

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