As the storyline caption says, thankfully the Jets walked out of NRG Stadium in Houston with a win on Sunday.  Thankfully,  no major injuries happened to returning QB Zach Wilson and the Jets left Houston still alive to fight another day.  They will need to stay alive because despite all of the shortcomings, injuries and heartache this season, the Jets are still mathematically still alive for the playoffs with the possibility of finishing 9-8 (but don’t hold your breath, please.)

For Jets fans enduring the first half of this game, an all-too familar ominous feeling probably swept across the Gang Green faithful with that old military cadence: “Here we go again, same old stuff again ( I had to edit out a part of this cadence, as an old soldier I remember a slightly different S word involved but let’s keep it clean!)”  Wilson, on his return after a four week injury absence, looked like the exact Zach Wilson who was tanking when he was injured.  Going 1-6 for a dismal 11 yards in the early first half with a shovel pass INT (it seems that only the Jets could find a way to get a shovel pass intercepted) Wilson looked rusty like a QB who’s been out of the game for awhile and it showed.  Again, that sinking feeling no doubt was in the pit of every Jets fan who must have been thinking that surely this game was a game we could realistically win.

Fortunately, the football gods were smiling on the Jets in the second half and Zach Wilson was able to turn it around and ran for his first rushing TD of his career, culminating in two TD drives and a late FG drive to finish off the Texans (Matt Ammendola did miss one FG on Sunday, thank goodness it didn’t come down to a three point game…)  Wilson finished up the day passing 14 for 24 for 145 total yards.  The Jets “D” stepped up their game and recorded five sacks and kept the Texans to a total of 202 yards offensively  Now, this game was nothing to brag about but a win in the NFL is a win.  The Jets picked up another W and now have two more wins than all of 2020 with six regular season games left.  All Jets fans can do at this point is be optimistic and see what this young team and new coaching staff can do to salvage the rest of the 2021 season.

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