Does it ever feel like being a Jets fan is the same as being stuck on a terrible carnival ride that you can’t seem to get off of?  Watching the 2021 New York Jets bumble through this season makes Gang Green fans feel helpless to watch the weekly train wreck and wonder can it get any worse?

To be fair to head coach Robert Saleh, he has pointed out that the Jets are a young, inexperienced NFL team just trying to find their footing in the brutal business of professional football.  Unfortunately, your training period lasts exactly one second when that kickoff happens.  In reality, this season’s Jets have already won one more game than the 2020 Jets so there are signs of progress and there are still seven games left in the regular season.  Next week’s game against the Houston Texans should bring some hope to Jets fans that the game is probably evenly matched in terms of the NFL misery index between the two teams.

What did we learn this week about the Jets?  Bringing in veteran Joe Flacco to try to stem the tide of losing really didn’t do much in terms of the final outcome as the Jets lost to the Dolphins 24-17.  With due respect to Flacco, he did come in and put together a respectable first game back since last season and completed 24/39 passes for 291 yards and two TD’s.  Respectable doesn’t win games, however, and Flacco’s return all but sealed the deal that the Jets are just waiting for Zach Wilson to heal up and be ready to return to the Jets offensive helm.  Mike White has done his part and Josh Johnson was a warrior in the loss to the Colts a few weeks back but neither have been the needed season-changing difference this Jets organization desperately needs.

The one positive note from the loss to the Dolphins is in the rise of Elijah Moore as a legitimate NFL WR.  Moore had 8 catches for 141 yards and a TD in Sunday’s loss.  Yes, the Jets were in this game for most of regulation time but costly defensive penalties helped Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins seal a victory in an evenly matched game.  Two missed FG’s from Matt Ammendola also put the Jets behind the power curve and again fourth quarter penalties put the Jets behind the eight ball and even with a late FG they still came up short-again.  Next week’s game against the Texans may provide another critical opportunity to find another win but the Texans pulled off another upset agains the otherwise-solid Tennessee Titans (remember Jets win #1?) on Sunday and this game will prove to be a chance for the 2-8 franchises to battle it out for a third win next week.

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