The New York Football Giants are a team that has a number of offensive playmakers and a team that fielded a top 15 fantasy defense a year ago.  With all this in mind, why haven’t the Giants fielded any solid fantasy options up to this point in 2021?  Well, that is a long winded answer, but from a straight up fantasy viewpoint, a lot of it has to do with injuries.  Coming off of their bye week, the Giants are about to get healthy, so here is a look at how the Giants main fantasy options may fair for the rest of 2021.

Giants Defense/ST

Coming into 2021, this unit was expected to play very well. The year did not start off that way. Through weeks 1-6, the Giants Defense was the 31st ranked fantasy defense.  Since being blown out by the Rams, this defense has begun to morph back into its 2020 form, ranking as the 8th best fantasy defense from weeks 6-9.  Looking ahead to the rest of the Giants schedule, they are set to face just three top ten offenses moving forward.  Things obviously change week to week in the NFL, but the Giants Defense could end up being a top ten fantasy option moving forward.

Kadarius Toney

Kadarius Toney broke out in a big way in weeks 4 and 5.  Totaling 267 yards, on 16 catches, with 22 targets. Since then, he has been rather quite. After suffering an ankle injury against Dallas, Toney left the Giants week 6 matchup with the Rams early, and didn’t seem like he was completely healthy the next week against Kansas City.  The Giants game plan against the Raiders led to Toney being targeted just one time, as the Giants wanted to run the ball as much as they could.  Following the bye, Toney should be fully healthy, and I would bet the Giants are going to do everything they can to get him the ball.  The next aspect to look at is the health of the Giants receivers. If everyone is healthy, as they’re expected to be, Toney may not get as many looks as one might hope.  Toney is still very much worth storing on your bench, as he could break out like he did earlier in the year.

Sterling Shepard

The longest tenured Giant started off 2021 strong, with 20.8 points in week 1, and 13.0 points in week 2 (Half PPR).  Since then, injuries have once again reared their ugly head for the former Oklahoma Sooner.  I wrote in the preseason how Shepard could be a fantasy steal, but injuries are preventing that sentiment from becoming true.  The bottom line with Sterling Shepard is simple:  when he is out there, he performs, but he just isn’t out there enough.  Keep an eye on Shepard, but until he proves he can stay healthy consistently, leave him be.

Kenny Golladay

The Giants $72 million-dollar man has been a big disappoint in 2021. He has had only one big game, and has missed three games due to injury.  Despite the tough start to the year, he has flashed his ability with some tough contested catches, and with half the season left, Golladay is worth stashing on your bench.  The Giants paid Golladay for a reason and will look to get the ball to him.  Their schedule moving forward is so-so for receivers as they have four games against teams with top ten fantasy defenses against wide receivers, and 4 games against fantasy defenses in the bottom half of the league against wide receivers.  At the end of the day, there are far worse options to have on your bench then Kenny Golladay, so if you can afford to grab him, you should.

Evan Engram

Engram is coming off a pro bowl year, but has not reached that form in 2021.  Currently the 25th ranked fantasy tight end, it doesn’t look as though Engram has any real potential as a fantasy starter in 2021.  Yet when you take a closer look, Engram has quietly been improving the past 3 games.  From weeks 7-9, Engram ranks as the 6th best fantasy tight end.  Looking even further down the road, the Giants face just 2 fantasy defenses moving forward in the top half of the league against tight ends. It’s hard to find a way to stash tight ends, but if you can, it is certainly worth it.  Engram may be a steal for the rest of 2021.

Saquon Barkley

The former number 2 overall pick has had another disappointing start to 2021.  Health has been an issue, and Barkley has just two games with double digit points. No one is going to be cutting Saquon Barkley, and quite frankly his trade value is probably at an all-time low. The only thing one can do with Barkley is wait and see.  What is very encouraging is that the Giants face ZERO fantasy defenses in the top half of the league against running backs moving forward.  So, it’s very possible that those who gambled on taking Saquon Barkley as early as the first round (AKA me), could be reaping the benefits of that gamble very shortly.

 Daniel Jones

Danny Dimes is putting up very solid numbers from a pure football outlook.  DJ is on pace to put up 3,889 yards, 15 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, and is on pace to rush for 487 yards and 4 touchdowns.  Those are good numbers outside of the touchdown passes, which I still believe is a product of the offense that he plays in.  From a fantasy standpoint, Jones currently ranks as the 19th fantasy quarterback.  This obviously is not worth a fantasy start anywhere, but there are reasons for improvement.  When Daniel Jones had a fully healthy left tackle in Andrew Thomas through the first four games of 2021, he was the 6th best fantasy quarterback.  With Thomas likely returning this week, the Giants facing just one top 15 fantasy defense against quarterbacks, and getting a healthy receiving core back, Jones’s numbers should  go back up.  Daniel Jones is very much a potential streamer for the second half of the season, with the potential of turning into a top 12 option.




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