The Giants head into the bye week on a positive note.  They are 3-3 in their last six games.  But, as Bill Parcells said. “You are what your record says you are.”

The 2021 Giants are 3-6. It’s no secret. The offense is anemic inside the red zone. The Giants’ “bend, but don’t break” defense is improving, yet porous when it comes to giving up yards. But the team is a top 5 NFL team in one all-important category.

The NY Giants Defense has been on the field for the second-most amount of plays of any team in the NFL this season (605 plays or 67 plays per game). Conversely, the Giants Offense has been on the field for the tenth-most amount of plays (561 plays or 62 plays per game). When you look at the won-lost record, read about the woes of getting into the endzone, and scan the fans’ comments on social media, you’d expect a larger disparity than just five (5) plays per game between offense and defense. Things that don’t help this season include the Giants D can’t seem to get off the field on third or fourth down (having the most fourth-downs converted against them (11 of 15 attempts)).

But, that’s not the stat that is beginning to stand out for these Giants. You see, the Giants’ defense is bending, not breaking. While they give up yards, they are not giving up touchdowns. OK, the Rams and the Cowboys tore them apart. But, they’ve settled in the last three games. The win against the Raiders was a good one and could be a defining moment.

What is saving the Giants’ defense right now? They are creating turnovers. They are a top-five team with 14 turnovers so far after nine games. Granted, they are tied with five other teams at 14. But the Giants have at least one turnover in each game so far. More importantly, they have ten turnovers in the last five games. They are plus three on the season now.

With the defense getting hot, a plus turnover ratio, four division games remaining, and a lighter second-half schedule, this team is positioned to stay in the hunt through November and December. It would be really nice to have the offense get untracked and score more touchdowns than field goals.  This would take pressure off the defense.  But stay focused on holding onto the ball.

Win the turnover battle each game. Positive results will follow.

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