So far this season, this season has not gone as planned. Before the season started, the New York Giants seemed to verge on having a breakout year and competing for one of the seven playoff spots. It is possible to be saved, but the definition of the Giants’ success has changed.

The hope seems to be fading as the Giants are now 2-6, last in the NFC, and tied for the second-worst record in the NFC.

The team has dealt with critical injuries all season to multiple captains, Blake Martinez, Nick Gates, Jabrill Peppers, and Saquon Barkley. Other players like Sterling Shepard, Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Andrew Thomas, and Shane Lemieux have all missed significant time.

This makes this season very hard to judge because you could blame coaching for not having the backup prepared or the front office for not creating enough depth. However, the fact is that injuries have ravaged this team and that for sure did not help this season.

What can the Giants do to turn this season around?

Well, first off, the Giants need to start to get healthy. The offensive weapons seem to be on the mend and getting back into practice. We have yet to see a fully functioning Giants’ offense with all its pieces going.

The idea is that there is so much talent on this roster that it could turn into a good defense, and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett hasn’t been excellent, but he also hasn’t been horrible.

On defense, it has been a tad underwhelming, allowing far too many points throughout the season. The issue is that the defenders on defense are out for the season and won’t be able to come back and help the team, so this is what we got.

This might be a good thing, defensive coordinator Patrick Graham did a great job last season making it work with lesser talent by having creative schemes. Graham seems to have lost some of that creativity, so maybe he can try to get back to that.

In the last two games against the Carolina Panthers and the Kanas City Chiefs, the Giants defense has only allowed 23 points.

Likely hood of Giants turning the season around

As an optimistic Giants fan, yes, the Giants could make this season kind of okay. The defense is coming into form, and the offense should get better as talent gets back on the field. On top of that, the Giants’ second half of their schedule is easier than the first half, with some winnable games.

The issue in the first half is that the Giants could not close out games, and that might still be true, but after the bye-week, they can go on a hot streak and maybe, just maybe, win seven games on the season.




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