The Giants are halfway through the season and are once again well below .500.
The future contains many questions, and that is especially true for the Giants Head Coach.

Joe Judge went from someone who the fan base was mainly in favor of to someone the fan base is very unsure of. I still like Joe Judge, but two aspects of his coaching have become infuriating this year: his use of timeouts and the fact that the Giants are incredibly undisciplined when it comes to penalties.

Joe Judge likes to send his players on laps when they make a mistake, well Coach Judge, it’s your turn to take a lap.

Joe Judge said after the game that headsets have been an issue for the Giants all season and that this is part of the reason they have burned timeouts at inopportune spots.

Listen, we don’t know the whole story as far as the headsets go, but I don’t understand 1) How we’re 8 games into the season and this headset issue is still occurring, and 2) What does this have to do with the consistent wrong use of timeouts?

I understand it can happen and affect at times, but this can’t be an excuse for every lousy timeout. Us fans at home can look at the game and see when it’s a bad time to call a timeout; why can’t Joe Judge and the Giant’s coaching staff do that?

Looking at the Giants’ use of timeouts in the first 8 games is an extremely frustrating exercise. The Giants have called 32 timeouts this year, 5 of the 32 have been in either the first or third quarter (16%), 6 of them have been with over ten minutes on the clock in any quarter (19%), 10 of the 32 have come with more than 5 minutes in any quarter (31%), and 24 of the 32 have come before the 2-minute warning (75%).

Now, each game brings different situations where a timeout might be required at a certain time, but nonetheless, Joe Judge has done a poor job with his timeout usage throughout the first half of the season.

Timeouts aren’t the only problem that falls on Judge’s shoulders.

“We will play fundamentally sound; we will not beat ourselves.”

Photo: Sarah Stier/Getty Images

That is a direct quote that Joe Judge said in his introductory press conference. Well, Coach Judge, you did exactly that on Monday Night, and it’s not the first time you’ve done it either.  The Giants currently sit at 9th in the NFL in penalties. This is unacceptable no matter who’s coaching the team, especially from a coach who preaches discipline. It’s been a problem all year, but Monday Night highlighted how undisciplined this team indeed has been.

One of the reasons I, and I think many fans do like Judge, is that it is clear that this ticks him off and that he cares, but that’s not good enough. Joe Judge needs to look himself in the mirror and get this fixed ASAP.

Joe Judge’s future with the Giants is very murky. I don’t think this fanbase has the same distaste for him as they do Dave Gettleman, but fans are certainly getting antsy.

Judge has 9 games to remind us why we should believe in him as the team leader going forward. He isn’t going to do that by mismanaging timeouts and allowing his players to commit stupid penalties.

Headsets or no headsets, fix the issues, Coach Judge.

Featured Image: Sarah Stier/Getty Images
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