The Giants are once again going into Sunday as 3 point underdogs off the heels of a heartbreaking loss.  It is an all too familiar story for Giants fans, but in times of hardship like this, it’s important to remember that there was a time when the Giants were considered a very good team.  The 2021 Las Vegas Raiders are currently sitting atop the AFC West, but let’s kick it back to 2009, when the then Oakland Raiders (1-3) were not winning many ball games at all, and were an underdog to the New York Football Giants (4-0).

The Giants went into this game as a 15-point favorite! That is a massive spread, but boy did the Giants show why the spread was that large.  They hit on absolutely all cylinders.  Eli Manning was playing through plantar fasciitis, but was still able to post a 99.9 QB rating throwing for 173 yards and 2 touchdown passes to Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham.  The Giants backup quarterback David Carr, brother of current Raiders Quarterback Derrick Carr, would come in and throw for an additional 90 yards, and rush for a touchdown.  Ahmad Bradshaw had a big game on the ground, going for 110 yards and two touchdowns, to go along with 55 yards receiving from a huge screen play on 3rd and 24 in the 1st quarter.   Defensively, the Giants were lockdown.  Raiders quarterback, JaMarcus Russell, who is regarded as one of the biggest draft busts of all time, posted a 5.5 QB rating and threw for just 100 yards.  Part of the reason for Russell’s awful day, was the Giants relentless pass rush.  The defense came up with 6 sacks, including 2 from Justin Tuck.  The Raiders were simply not at the Giants level back in 2009, but in 2021, the Giants are desperately trying to get to the Raiders level.

I can’t speak for every fan out there, but the losing has made me feel very numb, and that is a huge problem.  With all that being said, us fans have no choice but to show up on Sunday, and root for the Giants to win.  The defense looked like the defense of last year against Kansas City, and the offense has been able to put yards up at different times in this season.  If the Giants can matchup a solid performance from both sides of the ball, along with playing more disciplined, there’s no reason the Giants can’t beat the Raiders on Sunday.

As the late Al Davis once said to the Raiders, I’ll now say to the Giants: “Just win, baby.”

Highlights to this Classic:

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