It is no secret that the Nets’ superstar James Harden has not been performing to the best of his abilities during the Nets’ first few games this season.
Over the first five games of the season, Harden averaged just 16.6 points on shooting 36% from the field.

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Before the start of the season, it was revealed that the NBA would be changing referee guidelines relating to fouls on plays involved in unnatural shooting motions. When news of the new rule change was released, many fans immediately drew their attention to James Harden.

Harden has become known for his skill at creating contact when shooting, resulting in many trips to the free-throw line for the superstar.  



Although many are relating Harden’s slow start to this change, there is likely a different reason that ⅓ of the Nets’ Big 3 did not start the season off with a bang. When asked about his slower than usual start, Harden told reporters that he is working towards returning to where he was physically before a series of hamstring injuries that he had to endure last season.

As many fans recall, these injuries resulted in the superstar sitting it in many important games, including the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Nets and Milwaukee Bucks.

In my opinion, within these next couple of weeks, Harden will be returning to his elite playmaker self as he did on Friday.

As Harden gets more accustomed to the foul calling this year, he can get a more refined picture of how to draw fouls and bring him back to the free-throw line.
Additionally, Harden is becoming healthier and healthier by the day, allowing him to feel more comfortable controlling the offensive playsets. 

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