That chant was heard at the end of yesterday’s big win over the Cincinnati Bengals in MetLife Stadium. Have the Jets found a new, unsung hero in Mike White?  Maybe Robert Saleh and his staff stepped up, helped every Jets player forget about last week and come out and pull off probably the biggest win yesterday in the NFL.

One of the big mantras in the NFL is “on any given Sunday.”  This means that as one player suffers a misfortune, another steps up and seizes the opportunity.  For Mike White, that opportunity came yesterday in a big, big way.  No pressure on you young man – just come off of a humiliating defeat against a division rival and step in and play one of the most solid teams in the NFL this season for your first professional QB start.  Not only did Mike White turn heads, he may have in a way turned around the Jets season.  Yes, it’s just one more win but that one more win already has the 2021 Jets better than the 2020 Jets and there are ten more games left in the regular season.

Mike White stepped up to the biggest stage when the Jets needed him the most and his performance yesterday was the best a Jets QB had done since Vinny Testaverde did on Christmas Eve back in 2000.  Yes, back in 2000.  White went 37/45 for 405 yards total passing with three TD’s and two interceptions.  White also led the Jets to a TD on their initial drive – their first TD in the first quarter this season.  In comparison between White and Zach Wilson, White now has more TD passes in his seven quarters of playing than Wilson has all season so far.  In fact, Robert Saleh even stated: ” They come out of nowhere when someone gets an opportunity.  What Mike does with his opportunity . . .he has the world in front of him.  He has to take advantage.” Robert Saleh, 10/31/21.  Apparently, theMike White Effect” is rubbing off on the Jets as Shaq Lawson had a huge interception with 4:32 left yesterday which was the Jets first interception all season (and Lawson’s first interception EVER.)

Whatever soul searching Robert Saleh and his staff did with the Jets roster this week, it worked.  Finding a guy sitting on the practice squad and throwing him in there to find a huge win was an enormous shot in the arm for the Jets organization.  I’m not trying to stir up a QB controversy and yes Zach Wilson still has the potential to become a really good NFL QB but potential doesn’t win games – winners win games and right now Mike White is on top of the football world.  The Jets have a short week and a great opportunity on national television this Thursday night when they face the Indianapolis Colts who are coming off of a disappointing loss to the Titans yesterday.  Short preparation weeks mean short memories which means time to move on to this Thursday night,  Remember, ten more games left in the season means the Jets can turn the tide or crash and burn.  It’s now up to Mike White and Company to see which version of the Jets show up this Thursday.

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