How do you come up with anything positive to say after the New York Jets were absolutely beaten like a drum in Foxborough by the New England Patriots?  Hey, it could have been worse . . .54-13 could have been 60-13 or 70-13.  In the exact words of head coach Robert Saleh during his post-game conference, after dropping uncharacteristic expletives, he simply said the game was “embarrassing.”  That’s putting it mildly.  Remember, this is the National Football League and each player on the Jets roster is a professional and for professionals to lose that badly is truly “embarrassing.”

The best news about this game is that it’s not the worse loss the Jets have to the Patriots.  Leave that to a 1979 game where the Jets lost 56-3.  The only other “positive” is that a best-case scenario for injured QB Zach Wilson is that he may only have a sprained right PCL but be will wait on the MRI results to celebrate.  At a minimum, Wilson will be out of action for the next two to four weeks (confirmed by MRI results today 10/25/21) and backup Mike White will get some more playing time.  By the way, Sunday was Mike White’s introduction to the NFL and his very first pass was actually a three yard TD pass to Corey Davis so kudos for a good start – you’re going to need it.

There’s an old saying in football that the offense wins games while the defense wins championships.  If that’s the case, the Jets have no plans on winning any type of championship this 2021 season.  The Jets defense gave up 551 yards and yielded Patriot scores on nine out of ten drives.  The offense doesn’t get off the hook either because they set a dubious record of not scoring in the 1st quarter for the sixth game in a row.  That record was established by the 2008 Detroit Lions – the 0-16 Detroit Lions that season.  An analysis of this season so far shows that the Jets have been outscored 44-0 in the 1st quarter and 106-20 in the first half.  It’s hard to win every week when you are always behind in every single game.

The NFL doesn’t give you time to rest and analyze your losses. If you are evaluating last week too hard, you aren’t preparing for the next week.  The Jets were plain and simply beat by a Tom Brady-less Patriots being led by rookie Mac Jones so don’t blame this loss on anything but a complete failure on all phases of the Jets game.  The season isn’t over and it’s hard to believe it but the Jets are actually not the worst team in the NFL – the Texans, Dolphins and Lions are fighting the Jets for a race to the bottom of the league.  There is still a lot of football to play and the Jets need to dig deep-real deep and find themselves as players and as a team from the head coach all the way down the roster.  Otherwise, it’s already time to start thinking about 2022.

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