After Brian Cashman addressed the media for his post-season press conference it is clear that the Yankees view shortstop as one of the biggest positions of need.

The discussion among the fans usually relates to two players when it comes to who the team should add. Those players are Carlos Correa and Corey Seager. The one that is not talked about as often is one that the Yankees were interested in getting at the deadline, and that is Trevor Story.

Correa is the best available and would probably have the majority of support from the fanbase if not for his role in the 2017 Houston Astros cheating scandal. As discussed in my prior stories the Yankees should not be holding a grudge when it comes to acquiring those players, so if Correa is within their budget they should not hesitate to sign him.

If Correa is deemed to be to expensive then Story is a lot better of a fit than most fans would think. Three of the main aspects cited as problems for the 2021 Yankees were speed, athleticism and defense. Story brings all of those. Seager is a great option and the added factor of him being a lefty is great. He is not a good defender at shortstop and is blown out of the water by Story and Correa.

Seager had 0 defensive runs saved in 2021 and has only had one positive season. Story has only ever had positive defensive runs saved and has had three seasons in the double digits, the same goes for Correa.

Correa and Seager are both middle of the pack when it comes to speed. Story sits at the 89th percentile in speed for 2021 according to baseball savant. One of the factors for the Yankees playing their best baseball during their 13 game winning streak was being aggressive on the basepaths. Story consistently steals around 20 bags while Seager and Correa are basically non-threats.

The concern with Story is one that is expressed with every former Rockies player. His home-road splits would worry most people. The problem with evaluating simply on that is it is not acknowledging that Rockies hitters are at a disadvantage on the road because pitches break more at lower altitudes. It is easier when players leave Colorado to have more balanced splits because there is not a stark differences in the break on pitches.

This is evident in many players when leaving Colorado. Nolan Arenado is fine, so was DJ LeMahieu when he initially left and both of those players had drastic home-road splits. Dexter Fowler had a better year his first year after leaving Colorado than his last year there. Matt Holliday also became a better hitter in St. Louis than he was in Colorado.

Story’s batted-ball data profiles well for Yankee Stadium as well. He hits a lot of fly balls to the opposite field, which should obviously excite Yankees fans if he were to sign. Story also would have had 47 home runs at Yankee Stadium this season based on the balls he hit this year.

Another concern for some is his struggles this season. To that I say is that Story was very much his normal self after the trade deadline. His wRC+ at the deadline was in the 80s and he finished the season with a 100 wRC+.

The last and one concern that I do have is his splits depending on the pitcher he is facing. He is much better against lefties than he is against righties, and that might be why Story is viewed as the third best option out of the three shortstops discussed.

Correa, Seager and Story. These are all great players in their own right and there are strengths that each of them have over each other. Story’s fit with the Yankees is much better than many think, especially if he comes cheapest and allows them to get another piece. Fans should be thrilled if the Yankees end up with any of the three this offseason.

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