The New York Giants are off to a horrible 1-5 start, and 38-11 blowout loss at home to the Los Angeles Rams might be the nail in the coffin for the Giants 2021 season. Despite that horrific record, it seems like the Giants have been in the weirdest season in a long time, which makes the argument to sell at the trade deadline that much messier.

If it wasn’t for a wrong offside call on a game-winning field goal against the Washington Football team and a second-half collapse to the Atlanta Falcons, the Giants could be 3-3. On top of that, the Giants have been ravaged by injuries to their starting lineups, which makes it incredibly hard to judge this season.

The agreement for both sides

The Giants could sell because they are having a bad season, and adding draft capital for the future makes sense. The Giants have two first-round draft picks next season, and just adding more picks gives the Giants more chances to find quality players.

The Giants have also set up a decent core of players on both sides of the ball through the draft and free agency over the last few seasons. Trading away the players who are no longer in the future plans to add young talent and depth to support the core players makes a lot of sense.

However, this would be admitting defeat on a season in which the Giants spent a lot of money to add players to win this season. The Giants will not be a playoff team, but quitting on the season is something the Giants as an organization never do.

Who could the Giants trade if they decide to sell

Evan Engram is in the final year of his contract, and with how his recent seasons have been, the Giants might not resign him. The first-round tight end has struggled with drops, blocking, and staying healthy. He still has enough known talent for teams to give up decent trade capital.

Jabrill Peppers is in the same situation as Engram. The issue for Peppers has always been his pass defense, but it looked like he had been involved last season. He was targeted 69 times, allowing 45 completions and a passer rating against 89.8. However, this season he has been targeted 22 times and has allowed 20 completions, which is a lot worse. With Peppers, his trade value might not be the lowest it has ever been, but maybe a team would be interested in switching him to a linebacker.

Will the Giants sell

As a fan, I am concerned about the overall direction of the team I love. However, to look at it unbiased, it makes sense to field some offers for players on the team that no longer are part of the future plans. This might be hard because if the Giants don’t want players, other teams might also not want them.

The biggest thing is that the Giants should not trade away any key pieces. The Giants, in theory, don’t have a bad team; they are just top-heavy with no depth. If the Giants could keep this core and have more depth next season, I would hope they could be a lot better.




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