…the tough get going.” Decades ago, this saying was attributed to Joseph Kennedy (JFK’s father) and to Notre Dame football player Knute Rockne.

“When the going gets tough…” made a resurgence in 1978 during an iconic scene in the movie, “Animal House” as part of Bluto’s speech. And in 1985, Billy Ocean wrote and sang a song with that same title for the movie, “The Jewel of the Nile”, the sequel to “Romancing the Stone”.

Listening to the NY Giants post-game media sessions after yesterday’s 38-11 loss to the Rams, I was reminded of this saying hearing Joe Judge’s reference to the players and coaches as the crew of a submarine. They’re the only ones that can plug the holes and survive. It’s not the fans, it’s not the media. Down 28-3 at halftime, Coach Judge said he challenged the players to fight back in the second half. The second half was better, but not good enough to merit any kudos from outsiders.

Defensive Captain Ryan Logan referred to the players’ morale as lower at 1-5, but the locker room is unified and the resolve and the work ethic are there to stay with the process. There is no splintering within the locker room. Logan referred to his season with the TItans where the team was 2-4 and yet still made the AFC Championship game.

The media was jumping down Coach Judge’s throat for playing QB Daniel Jones as the game wound down in the blowout, especially coming back from a concussion last week. Yet Daniel Jones stated the goal was to fight all 60 minutes. He appreciated the opportunity to be out there and compete for the full game. I don’t understand the media’s (Dan Orlovsky, Rex Ryan) hate here questioning coaches and players wanting to play the full game. So, in this case, quitting is okay? But you have to consider the sources…Orlovsky was a career backup with a whopping 26 games in his stats, 12 starts, and a 2-10 record for the Lions and the Colts. And Rex Ryan never made it to the Big Dance as a head coach, finished with a losing record (61-66). They’re just media guys now.

I respect some of the Giants beat writers, northjersey.com’s Art Stapleton being one of the best. Art asks objective questions on things the fans want to know. Others ask questions to justify their already formulated opinion they are about share with their audience. One writer is feeding the fans with snippets like “Daniel, why did you throw that pass high over Saquon’s head two weeks ago in Dallas?” What? Why does that matter now? What was the purpose of that question? You can see in the interviews how excited each player is to have to face this group of writers…not.

The going has been tough…for a few seasons now. The coaches are frustrated. The players are frustrated. They collectively are trying their best. Coach Judge is the first to say it hasn’t been good enough. Coach Bill Parcells used to say, “You are what your record is.” Coach Tom Coughlin reminded fans at the halftime celebration of Super Bowl XLVI that at one point that Giants team lost four games in a row. This team missed out on two winnable games early in the season. Sometimes you have to relearn how to win. The fans are frustrated. I’ll admit I’ve already retired two of my Giants shirts this season.

“When the Going gets Tough…” You can see Coach Judge, his staff, the team captains, and all the players pulling inward to each other…”circling the wagons” if you allow another saying.

“The Tough Get Going.” Coach Judge said there’s a lot of football left in this season. No one is quitting. It’s time to focus on the Panthers. The tough will learn from the past, prepare harder for the future and be angry enough to do something about their current situation. This group of Giants, this team will rise up. They will see better days.

Winning breeds more winning. Winning put fans back in the seats at stadiums. Winning eliminates a lot of the silly media questions about unimportant snippets of time in a successful game. Let’s get going, Giants! Get Tough!

Photo courtesy of Giants.com

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