They say the NFL is filled with high’s and low’s, well the Giants just went from high, to very low. 

The men in blue had a chance to turn their season around in Dallas, and failed miserably.  Not only did we lose in a blowout, we lost our starting quarterback, running back, and wide receiver.  The injuries we suffered are obviously the story coming out of this game, but the unit that stayed largely healthy is just as big of a problem.  I stated the Giants are entering a gauntlet like schedule last week, and if this defense continues to play the way it has, it is going to be a longgggggggg season.

Following the loss to Dallas, the Giants now face the Rams, Panthers, Chiefs, Raiders, and Bucs in the next five weeks.  I’m not one to look ahead at schedule’s, and things can change over the next month, but this is a scary sight for a defense that has been struggling to start the season.  The Giants are currently the 29th ranked defense in the NFL, and they are about to go against the 9th, 17th, 4th, 13th, and 3rd ranked offense.  I’ve said it a number of times since the season started, but nobody could have thought this defense could have been the problem going into the year.  Giving up over 400 yards a game isn’t going to win you many football games, BUT, as always, there is a silver lining.

The Giants have the 12th ranked offense in the league!  Granted, most of this has come from the right arm of Daniel Jones, but it’s improvement.  Every Giant fan on the planet should be down on their knee’s praying that he returns this week.  Losing Saquon Barkley sucks, it seemed like he was about to take off, but God willing, he will be back fully healthy in a few short weeks.  Someone who can pick up some of his slack, is the Young Joka. Kadarius Toney is bringing rookie Saquon vibes, and is lighting up the field every time he touches the ball. Golladay may be out, but Toney, combined with a returning Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton, will give whoever the quarterback is some weapons to work with.  Andrew Thomas’s likely return this week should stabilize the offensive line, who, despite not giving up a sack last week, did not play well. Losing the weapons we did on Sunday hurt, but there are reinforcements ready to step up.

The Giants are off to a 1-4 start that really should be a 3-2 start, after failing to capitalize on the opportunities they had against Washington and Atlanta. This puts the Giants in a very tough spot heading into the schedule that they are.  Defensively, they need to just figure it out.  I know that is naive, and easy for me to say, but they need this defense in order to be successful, especially with the teams they’re about to face.  Offensively, the Giants aren’t in as tough a spot as it feels they are. They have reinforcements at receiver, a hopefully healthy Andrew Thomas returning this week, and a capable backup in Devontae Booker filling in for 26.  If all goes well, we’ll hopefully have Daniel Jones on Sunday.  If not, Mike Glennon needs to do what he was brought in to do, and win a game for us like Colt McCoy did last year.

It felt like Bloody Sunday against, Dallas, well they need to stop the bleeding now, to salvage their 2021 season.

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