If you are a fan of the London-based NFL games played each season to encourage European support for our version of football, good for you.  For the New York Jets, the front office may want to think again about dragging the team across the Atlantic and playing in front of an international audience.  The end result of Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons made it look like the Jets were in fact jet lagged from their trip and never seemed to be mentally ready for this contest.

You can blame it on jet lag, or the fact that the Jets defense had to play over 100 snaps last Sunday against the Titans to help pull out their first win of the season or the food or whatever you want.  The end result – another debilitating loss for the Jets who now fall to 1-4.  But the good news is that the Jets are not the worst team in the NFL at this moment.  Despite having scored a leage-low of 67 points in five football games, the Jets actually have a better record than both Jacksonville and Detroit and have an identical record as the Giants, Dolphins and Texans.  What this basically means is that the Jets can’t put up any points on the scoreboard and they are still not the worst team around.

For the sake of clarity about Sunday’s game, Matt Ryan proved that he is not washed up and put on an impressive offensive show.  Leading by 17-0 early in the second quarter, Ryan led the Falcons to another win and wen 33 for 45 passing for 342 yards and threw two TD passes.  Using favorite targets such as TE Kyle Pitts who had 6 receptions for 64 yards and a TD and Cordarrelle Patterson who added 76 all purpose yards by halftime, the Falcons took a commanding lead and never looked behind them.  Although the Jets did make a somewhat comeback in the second half and brought the game to within 20-17 with a TD from RB Michael Carter,  Matt Ryan dashed away any further Jets comeback by leading a 75 yard drive  and a final TD to seal the deal.

Zach Wilson was ineffective yesterday and threw 19 for 32 and now has a leage-leading nine interceptions.  Combined with an ineffective defense who could not execute and put pressure on Matt Ryan, the Jets hoped to build momentum going into their bye week with a seond win.  Instead, the Jets now have to do a gut check and get ready for the Patriots who are being led by fellow rookie QB Mac Jones.   The season isn’t over by any stretch but the Jets shouldn’t be trying to compete for the worst team in the NFL this season either – the league doesn’t give trophies away to the worst franchise.  With a bye week, maybe the Jets can use this time to not only work on their game plan on all phases but look inward at themselves and get it figured out in time to play the Patriots and get 2021 back on the right track.

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