The New York Football Giants have finally gotten a win!

With so much going against the Giants, they figured out a way to win in a hostile environment.  Was it perfect?  Absolutely not, there is still work to be done in all three facets of the game, but we will take the win everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.  The biggest positive to come out of this win was from Daniel Jones.  Today, Daniel Jones showed exactly why he was picked where he was picked, and why he IS the Giant’s franchise quarterback.

Daniel Jones was quietly having a very strong season coming into this week 4 matchup, but today, he was far from quiet.  Danny Dimes finished with 402 yards passing and two touchdowns, lead the Giants on a game tying drive at the end of the fourth quarter, and lead them to a win in OT. He has shown flashes throughout his career of how good he could be, and today it felt like he put it all together. He eliminated the turnovers (I’m not counting the Hail Mary pick), he didn’t try to force throws, and most importantly, he WON THE GAME.

Personally, my biggest critique of Daniel Jones outside of the obvious turnover issues, was that he didn’t win games in the last two minutes enough.  Last season, Daniel Jones had the chance to lead game winning/tying drives against the Bears, Rams, Eagles, and Bucs and didn’t get it done in any of them.  His rookie season, he had the chance to do it against the Cardinals, Jets, and Bears and failed. Now, not all of these were his fault. None the less, good quarterbacks find ways to win games.  Before today, Daniel Jones had only two game winning drives in the fourth quarter, winning the game today in the manner in which he did is a huge step.  What made Eli Manning a hall of fame quarterback?  His ability to lead the Giants to victory in those final two minutes. Daniel Jones showed today that he has the ability to do that.

It feels good to get a win.  The Giants needed it more than ever, and they got it on the back of their quarterback. Daniel Jones showed today that he can win games when it matters most, and he showed that he is a LEADER.  Now he needs to build off this, and show the world that he’s exactly who the Giants drafted him to be:

A Franchise Quarterback.

(Photo: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

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