The Giants head to New Orleans this week to take on the Saints in their first game in the Super Dome since Hurricane Ida.  This is a daunting task, but the Giants need a win more than ever as it feels like things are going to go even more off the rails if they don’t.  In order to get ready for this one, we need to be reminded of the greatest football player of all times best performance.  In 1988, Lawrence Taylor lead the Giants to an unbelievable win, in what Bill Parcells called, “his signature game.”

The 1980s were a great time to be a Giant fan.  The Giants came into this game at 7-5, and needed a win to stay atop the division with the Eagles, and boy did they get a memorable one.  Something many don’t know, is that the Giants came into this game missing their starting quarterback in Phil Simms, and starting linebackers Harry Carson and Carl Banks.  They even played with two different quarterbacks!  Future Super Bowl hero, Jeff Hostetler, started, and veteran Jeff Rutledge played the second half.  On top of all of this, LT was playing through torn shoulder ligaments and a detached pectoral muscle.  With this gruesome injury, Taylor was able to put together a defensive performance that included 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, a pass deflection, and 7 tackles.  Eventually, the Giants were able to squeak out a 13-12 victory after kicker, Paul McFadden, booted a 35-yard field goal for the win.  Although the Giants did not end up getting to the playoffs in 1988, this is a performance that is still talked about 33 years later, and will never be forgotten.

The 2021 Giants are facing a boatload of obstacles.  They are banged up on offense, with injuries to Ben Bredeson, Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard.  They are an 0-3 football team that feels like they’re inches from going off the rails.  Fans are calling for everyone to be fired, with some even calling for a once revered owner to sell the team.  The Giants need a win more than ever on Sunday.  Yes, the 1988 Giants were a better football team than this version of the Giants, but there is a major lesson to be learned from this game.

It’s very possible to win a game with everything going against you, so do it Sunday.


(Highlights from LT in this one start at the 7:40 mark)



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