Well folks, here we are again.  The Giants have ended September without a single win.  Starting 0-3 for the fourth time in five years is bringing the ugliness out in fans.  It should, because last Sunday, the Giants hit a new low.  At halftime, they honored Eli Manning by retiring his number 10. When the owner of the team got up to speak, he was met with such loud boos that Eli himself had to tell the crowd to quiet down.  John Mara was once known as one of the good owners in New York…. It’s crazy what losing can do.  Now, whether you like him or not, John Mara isn’t going anywhere, and he shouldn’t in my opinion.  With that being said, there are three men that have a number of roads they can go down, and it all hinges on these next 14 games.

Dave Gettleman

The Giants General Manager has a very clear path for the future: Playoffs or he’s gone.  I don’t really think there’s much more to say.  Since Gettleman has taken over, the Giants have gone 15-36.  He survived one head coach firing, but has been on thin ice since that happened.  Gettleman has had a number of blunders in free agency, and his draft classes all have question marks on their backs.  Gettleman has brought in good players, such as Leonard Williams, Blake Martinez, Logan Ryan, Kenny Golladay, James Bradberry, and any other player on this team that you’re fond of (outside of Sterling Shepard).  He is going to ride or die with this team, and he should, because the Giants can’t have another playoff-less year under Gettleman.  Although Dave Gettleman’s fate is clear, the second Head Coach he helped hire has a far murkier path.

Joe Judge

Welcome to New York Coach Judge!  After coming into the 2021 season with the majority of the fan base supporting him, Judge is learning real quick how this city works.  WE WANT WINS.  Look, I am not giving up on Judge, but he has made some questionable decisions thus far this season.  Wasting timeouts in the second half, challenging plays that can’t be challenged, playing ultra conservative, and having the fourth most penalized team in the NFL are my personal gripes toward him at the moment.  If Judge can put together a run right now like he did late last year, he can not only save his job, but Gettleman’s too.  If things don’t go well, Gettleman’s hire of Judge makes Judge’s future complicated. If the Giants miss the playoffs, and fire Gettleman, does Judge hire the next GM?  Then what if, God forbid, they have a terrible season next year, do you fire both Judge and a first year GM?  Or does John Mara hire his own GM?  Or does Judge get fired with Gettleman?  All those situations are far too complicated which is why these next 14 games are so important.  Many are canceling the season, and calling it a wrap, I am not.  Fix this mess Joe, whether that be Coaching changes, looking yourself in the mirror, or both.  If he does, Judge would not only be saving himself and Gettleman, but his quarterback too.

Daniel Jones

782 yards, 2 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, a 65% Completion Percentage, along with 161 yards rushing and two touchdowns.  Those are Daniel Jones statistics through the first three games of 2021.  Has he been perfect?  No, he has a fumble and has failed to target wide open receivers on multiple occasions, but there is absolutely no way that you can blame this 0-3 start on Daniel Jones.  His haters have largely gone quiet, while the Jason Garrett haters have grown louder and louder.  Jason Garrett did call a pretty solid game against Washington in week 2, but his other two games netted only 13 and 14 points.  Unless he turns this offense around quickly, I don’t know how much longer he will last as the Giant’s OC.  The point is that Daniel Jones is being held back by an offense that seems to hamper him more than help them.  Whether it is Jason Garrett, Freddie Kitchens, or someone else, they need to fix this Giants offense, in order to let Daniel Jones shine.  He’s already playing well, and turnover free.  If they can combine this, with more of what made DJ great his rookie year, Jones could be cemented as the franchise quarterback. Now, if they keep losing, the road for Jones is a complicated one.  The Giants could end up with TWO high draft picks (they own the Bears first round pick), and if there is a new GM, a new Head Coach, or both, they may want to pick a quarterback of their own.  This is especially true if Jones plays poorly, but if Daniel Jones continues to play well, a whole new question will come into play of if he should be kept or not. You know what would prevent this from happening?  W I N N I N G.

Winning cures all, but it is much easier said than done.  Sunday, the Giants could start their long climb back to relevancy with a win against the Saints.

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