Apparently the Jets charter flight never got the team to Denver because the Broncos seemed to have their way with an imposter squad posing as the New York Jets.  Let’s be real, three games don’t make up the season but when you start 0-3 for three straight years and set a franchise record, things are going down the toilet-fast.

Let’s also be real, there is nothing to brag about in the Jets 26-0 loss to the Broncos on Sunday.  The only possible highlight of the game was Matt Ammendola’s 56 yard field goal but wait…….a delay of game penalty wiped out that great kick and HC Robert Saleh was forced to back up to 61 yards and elected to punt rather than try a longer distance field goal.  I have seen Matt Ammendola kick live when he was at Oklahoma State and seen him warm up and he could have possibly made that kick.  But I digress about talking about the only offense the Jets could really muster was one lost field goal opportunity.   Breaking down the offense of the first three games, what do we have? 20 total points this season, which according to ESPN is the lowest amount of points an NFL team has scored in the last 20 years through the first three games of the regular season.

Zach Wilson didn’t attempt to set any interception records this game and in actuality went 19/35 for 160 total yards and threw two interceptions against the Broncos.  To be fair, Zach Wilson probably wants to make it to see his next birthday alive and was literally running to save his own skin for most of the game.  Robert Saleh’s mantra of “all gas no brakes” truly has no meaning when your offense has the horsepower of a small riding lawnmower that you can buy at WalMart.  “All gas, no brakes” means that you are not in control of your offense and that “Jesus Take the Wheel” should be a better mantra since He might have better play calling abilities at this point with the 2021 New York Jets.  In all seriousness, I feel that Robert Saleh is a good coaching selection and Mike LaFleur should be able to get it done offensively for the Jets but it appears as though Adam Gase’s ghost is still stalking the Jets sideline and sending in plays.

Football is about discipline and when a team commits eight penalties (including three on special teams) over the course of the game, mental discipline is gone.  Losing a great field goal to a delay of game is a coaching mental error and a taunting penalty when you are getting your rear end handed to you is plain and simply foolish.  If you’re struggling mentally about another loss, take it out on yourself, not your opponent because many times in football your worst opponent is yourself.

Other excuses including having to play good teams early in the season is wearing thin as well.  The Panthers and Broncos looked like good matchups in the summer but these two teams are resurging with castoff QB’s.  Hey, remember Sam Darnold in a Jets uniform?  He was horrible, right?  Time to send him to the Panthers where they’re now 3-0, not 0-3.  Teddy Bridgewater is another journeyman QB who seems to have found a home in Denver and good for him since the Broncos are also 3-0.  There are still 14 regular season games left and the Jets will have opportunities to improve but the window is getting smaller each week.  This week’s game against the Tennessee Titans looks to be another tough opponent and the Jets can turn their season around or the Jets could legitimately be competing for the title of worst team in the NFL.

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