We all know that feeling. You’re toward the end of the school year, excited for summer with your family and friends. Vacations are planned, nothing to worry about in school and the weather will be perfect. For Aaron Boone, he is at the end of his school year, and has a 9-game final exam he must get an A on, or he will flunk,

In baseball terms, Boone has to have the Yankees perform in these final nine games to get them to the postseason. We’ll revisit his final, final exam if they get to the postseason, but for now, Boone has to manage the nine biggest games of his managerial career.

Many have been quick to criticize Boone during his tenure with the Yankees. Some fans wanted Boone gone after a 14-1 loss to the Red Sox that dropped them to 5-6. It comes with the territory of managing in New York and especially the Yankees. He has managed every test and he has passed for the most part. The part that he hasn’t, however, is the postseason.

In order to get to that test, he has to get an A on this once which is to get the Yankees TO the postseason. It will not be an easy task as the Yankees have by far the toughest schedule out of anyone in contention in the wild card race. Boston and Toronto each get to play Baltimore and Seattle gets to play the Angels. The only other comparison could be the A’s since they play Seattle and have the Astros twice.

The team still isn’t what it wants to be but reinforcements have arrived. Luis Severino pitched two scoreless innings on Wednesday and Domingo Germán is back with the team. A re-fueled bullpen could be a difference maker down the stretch. With Jameson Taillon and Jonathan Loasiga still on the horizon, the Bombers hope that they get those two back in a few days if they have a chance at getting back to October.

More importantly, it’s on Aaron Boone to pass his final exam of the 2021 season.

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