So far this season, Daniel Jones might be the best player on the New York Giants.
Yes, the offense has not looked great, but the third-year quarterback has still made it work with what he has.

The Giants have played two above-average defenses in the Denver Broncos and the Washington Football Team.

The Broncos did find a way to contain Jones, but Jones had one of the best games of his career for the Giants in week two.

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A lot of this was unlocked by Jones’s running ability. Because the Giants’ offensive line is not the team’s strength, many defenses play deep, letting the front seven handle pressure Jones and the run game. Using Saquon Barkley almost as a decoy to get Jones running room on edge worked every time against the Football Team. As the team waits for Barkley to have a breakout game to make sure teams have to play closer to the line of scrimmage, Jones rushing will have to do.

Even without the most space in the second level, Jones has still been doing what he can to make it work. Jones is throwing the ball downfield more than he has in his career, gaining 7.5 yards per attempt, compared to 6.6 the two previous seasons.

However, even though all these are positives, there are still yards and touchdowns left on the field. Darius Slayton should have caught that ball for a long touchdown, and Jones also could have made it easier for him. On top of that, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett does no favors for Jones. Garrett runs an old-school offense that has become predictable and has not evolved to the modern NFL. Jones is constantly throwing into tight windows due to the lack of scheme help from the play calling.

Former MVP quarterback and Hall of Famer Kurt Warner did a fantastic job breaking down all the issues with Garrett and pointed out where Jones can get better as a young quarterback.

Warner points out many issues within the Giants’ play-calling and basic route combination, but he also points out Jones’s lack of patience in the pocket.

At times, Jones leaves the pocket too early or doesn’t hold on to the ball long enough to get receivers open. A lot of this could be a mix of being used to a bad offensive line and still being a young NFL quarterback who needs more time to grow.


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As the Giants have struggled this season, it is always easy to blame the quarterback, but in fact, Jones has been one of the few things that have not gone wrong this season. This is only his third season in the league, and he will continue to get better.

Hopefully, this Sunday, the day Eli Manning is celebrated, Jones plays a weak Atlanta Falcons defense to prove he can be the future.

Featured Image: Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports
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