About a week ago, the Yankees announced that they would be moving Gleyber Torres to second base for the remainder of the season.

Manager Aaron Boone cited that the defensive struggles seemed to have been weighing on Torres’ mind throughout the season. Moving him back to second base, where he originally played when first coming up to the big leagues, could potentially help him.

Even before this move, many Yankees fans suspected that the team would be targeting one of the big-time shortstop free agents this winter.

Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, Trevor Story, Javier Baez, and Marcus Semien are some of the players available at that position.

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Before moving Torres to second and with DJ LeMahieu locked up for five more seasons, there was a legitimate question as to whether that would prevent the Yankees from being in on the shortstop class. But after this move and considering all of the work the Yankees did to stay under the luxury tax and reset the penalties this year, it would be a huge shock if New York did not end up with one of those players I mentioned above.

I would be shocked if Torres moved because his potential is still there, and the Yankees control him through 2024. Not to mention Luke Voit was heavily pushed in trade conversations, and Gio Urshela’s regression probably makes the Yankees less likely to retain him. Teams do not give up on players like that this soon.

Many will push back against signing Carlos Correa because he is an Astros player, and people do not like him because of the cheating scandal, but the Yankees should not be holding grudges when it comes to acquiring players from that team if they are the best upgrades. Correa is the group’s best player, and if it makes financial sense for the Yankees to sign him, then it should not be a question. People long for the days when the Yankees operated in an “Evil Empire” type of way.

This would be the biggest “fully-operational Death Star” kind of move they could make to take away the best player from one of their biggest rivals in the American League.

Corey Seager

Corey Seager is someone I would not be upset at signing, but he is lower on my list of preferences because he does not grade well defensively. But the Yankees have shortstop prospects Oswald Peraza and Anthony Volpe coming up the ranks.

If Seager does not cost as much money, sliding to third base when one of those players are ready for the big leagues is an intriguing option. He is also an impact left-handed bat that many fans would like as part of the lineup.

Trevor Story

The Yankees were in conversations for Rockies shortstop Trevor Story at the trade deadline, but he was not dealt. So we do know the Yankees view him in a good light despite his down year this season.

Story does getter than Seager defensively, and looking at his career track record; it would be pretty reasonable that his down year at the plate is an outlier. He still might not get as much money as he was going to get before, though.

Story is another good option if he is not as expensive and would allow the Yankees to invest in other areas.

Javier Baez

I would expect the Mets to try to keep Javier Baez, despite the controversy with him giving thumbs down to the fans he is a quality player and forms a strong infield next to Francisco Lindor.

Marcus Semien

Marcus Semien is someone who was mentioned as a possible backup plan if the Yankees did not bring back LeMahieu, and he has had a monster year on a one-year deal with Toronto with over 40 home runs.

He plays second base this year but still has the ability to play good defense at shortstop. Semien would be a very good signing for the Yankees.

There are nine games left in the regular season for the Yankees and we might still have playoff run to talk about, but reading the tea leaves would lead you to believe this will be an eventful offseason for the team.

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