The New York Giants are not where they want to be right now.
They have once again started 0-2 for the fifth straight season, and with a team with historical and semi-recent success, that is not where you want to be.

After one of the most heartbreaking losses in a while in the last few seasons (this includes the two 60+ yard game-winning field goals against the Panthers and the Eagles), this one stings maybe even more.

Daniel Jones’ rushing touchdown is called back, Darius Slayton wide open endzone drop and Dexter Lawrence’s last-second offside(which was not offside) ended a horrific Thursday night game for the Giants. However, not everything is horrible, but obviously, not everything is going as planned. Let’s take a half glass full and half glass empty look at the Giants 0-2 start.

Half Glass Full

Emotionally, it just feels easier to start with the half-class full. This last week, emotionally, has just been draining as the Giants fell 0-2 in less than a week.

That is for sure not fun, even more so as Giants fans had hope of being a playoff team going into the season.

But this is the glass-half-full part, so there are some positives from these two games.

First, Daniel Jones is an okay to good Quarterback. This needs to be said because even though he seems underwhelming and has crucial fumbles, much of that does not fall on his shoulders (more on that later).

According to PFF, Jones played his best game as a Giant against the Washington Football Team. On top of that, so far this season, he is already passing the ball deeper down the field, having a better passer rating, and so far no interceptions.

Yes, this is only in two games, but there is an improvement from previous seasons, and we will take anything positive at this moment.

Second, the offensive line seems to be at least trending in the right direction. In Week 1, despite allowing two sacks and some very horrible-looking plays, overall, it was better than usual. According to PFF, Jones was kept clean 74.4 percent of the time, and the offensive line ranked 3rd in pass blocking win rate.

Then against the Washington Football Team, it looked okay despite Nick Gates’s injury and four sacks. It seems like the Giants’ offensive line will play well overall but still have a couple of head-scratching plays, which feels like an improvement compared to the last few seasons.

Gates’s injury does hurt, but hopefully, the Giants can figure something out with some extra time before the next game.

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Lastly, the Giants’ defense played much better than what the final score shows. Against the Denver Broncos, Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur took out all his frustration with the Giants organization and had a great game plan. The Giants’ offense did not help out at all, putting the defense in bad field positions and putting them out on the field way too often.

Against the Football Team, they just got beat a lot of the time, which sucks, but the defense went through this same rough patch last season, and Patrick Graham and Joe Judge figured out, and let’s hope the same happens this year. The defense was also on a quick turnaround after playing 35 minutes against the Broncos. We can’t really expect the best, keeping that in mind.

Glass Half Empty

The Giants’ offense is horrible. It is not creative, does not help its players, and pretty much brings the whole team down. In this offseason, the Giants went out to get all this offensive talent in Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney, and they pretty much have no role in this offense.

Jones and the Offensive line have been good despite the failures of Offensive Coordinator Jason Garett.

This offense’s only two creative things are running a QB option run playoff an RPO, which Jones took advantage of for 95 rushing yards against the Washington Football team. The other is a Wide Receiver jet weep, which is predictable because it’s the only time a receiver will go into motion in front of the Quarterback.

That is pretty much it. The rest of the passing attack is pretty much short comeback routes, slants, and sometimes a go route.

The sad thing is that now this offense has talented weapons and an offensive line that has improved, but it just doesn’t seem to work. Last year, Garrett got a free pass for a basic offense because it was a new team lacking weapons with a struggling offensive line.
Now there really shouldn’t be anything holding this team back, but it seems like nothing has changed.

Featured Image: Rob Carr/Getty Images
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