Larry the Don!
The Giants vs. Washington on a Thursday night will forever remind me of this game.

The later years of the Tom Coughlin era will never be looked back upon very fondly, but every once in a while, they gave you glimmers of hope.

They hit on absolutely all cylinders on this night.  The offense scored at will, the defense was creating turnovers, and for one night, it looked like the next star was born in New York.

No, I’m not talking about Odell Beckham Jr., whose debut wasn’t until the following week; I’m talking about the Don!

Larry Donnell went for THREE touchdowns on this memorable Thursday night blowout.

Photo: Brad Wills/USA TODAY Sports

Say what you want about Ben McAdoo, but Eli Manning had two of his best statistical seasons while McAdoo was his OC.  Eli threw for FOUR touchdowns in this game. That is a dream for Giants fans these days.  Outside of Donnell’s three scores, Victor Cruz went for over 100 yards, Rueben Randle had 89 yards receiving, and another tight end in Daniel Fells went for a touchdown himself.  Eli also showed off the wheels and ran in a touchdown in this game. Boy, oh boy, would an offensive explosion like this do the 2021 Giants wonders.  The offense had a phenomenal night, but let’s not forget the defense in this massacre.

You ever heard of Antrel Rolle and Mathias Kiwanuka?

One last year as Giant’s had a pick, and the other had a sack. Oh, and remember Prince Amukamara?  He also had an interception in this game. Three of the last remaining members of the Giants 2011 Super Bowl team made their impact felt in this one and made it seem like maybe, just maybe, the Giants could put together another run. This night also made fans question if another star was being born on the defensive side of the ball: Trumaine McBride. McBride had both a forced fumble and an interception in this game.  The offense will always be remembered for this game, but the defense put on a heck of a show themselves.

The Giants and Washington Football Team have had a long, storied rivalry.  In the last couple of years, the Giants have owned Washington.

P.S. for my Yankee fans out there, this was also the night Derek Jeter had a walk-off in his final game at Yankee Stadium. Absolute Doosey of a night for New York Sports.

For the sake of the Giants’ season and the fans’ sanity, we can only hope that the Giants can continue this trend and beat the Washington Football Team the same way they did back in 2014.

Featured Image: Brad Wills/USA TODAY Sports
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