The Brooklyn Nets hype train is officially here, and in just one season, the Nets have evolved into the darling (or villain of the NBA), and the schedule proves that.

The Nets are a team built around its stars, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, and arguably one of the best offensive units ever assembled. On top of that, the big three over the years have gained a massive number of fans and/or haters, making them must-watch television.

With 26 games live on ABC, ESPN, and TNT, this Nets team will constantly be in the limelight of the NBA world and will be one of the must-watch teams for the entire season. The Nets are polling as the number one team in most NBA power rankings, making them the early favorite despite not making it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The season will start against the Milwaukee Bucks, which is all too fitting. After losing in round two of the NBA Playoffs, a healthy Nets team will be looking for revenge. Only to add to the Nets chip on their shoulder, the Bucks will be receiving their NBA Championship rings that night, hopefully inspiring the Nets more.

Christmas Day games have become an NBA holiday tradition, and Nets versus the Los Angeles Lakers is going to feel like if Santa came back around with an extra gift for everyone. Both rosters are star-studied, filled with media storylines, and this is before we even get to the fact this might be an NBA Finals preview.

The Nets will be looking towards the playoffs all season, and the best matchups they will have will be with teams close to their level. The Nets are the number one ranked team in most power rankings, so there won’t be many teams that will evenly match up with them. Games against the Philadelphia 76ers will be the most exciting matchups in the Eastern Conference outside of the Bucks. March 10th will be a game to circle against the 76ers as the season winds down, but also, seeing how the Nets play against a big like Joel Embiid late in the season might hint at how they will perform in the playoffs.

The most significant upside to this schedule is that as of right now, the Nets only have 12 back-to-backs, which is brilliant on the NBA. With injuries being the biggest reason for these Nets not making the finals last year, playing fewer games on short rest is perfect for keeping the players healthy. Also, to stay healthy, some Nets stars might take back-to-backs off, which means fans paying for tickets might not get to see the players they showed up to see, which has been an issue for the NBA the last few years.

Overall, the Nets will play a significant role in this 75th Anniversary season for the NBA, either as a hero or a villain, but they will get the national audience to show what this team is capable of.




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