The Brooklyn Nets have had a busy offseason with many notable free-agent signings, including Patty Mills, and signing major extensions, like Kevin Durant’s new 4-year, $198 million contract.

At this point, every basketball fan knows that the Nets have one of, if not the, most stacked roster in the NBA. In fact, in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, James Harden left the rest of the league with a warning saying, “At full strength, nobody can beat us. I’m just going to leave it at that.” To many, Harden sounds wholly justified as the Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers clearly have the most talented rosters in the Eastern and Western Conferences, respectively.

This year, the Nets organization and players have one goal in mind: raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy when June comes around. Unfortunately, the Nets fell short of a championship this past season due to key injuries during their playoff run, which ended in a Game 7 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Reporter Mike Singer recently reported that the Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors were inserted in signing veteran forward Paul Millsap. Though the 36-year-old may not be the All-Star player he once was, he can add depth to the Nets’ roster at a low price. During his 2020-21 with the Denver Nuggets, Millsap played 56 games and averaged 9 points (47.6%), 4.7 rebounds, and 1.8 assists in 20.8 minutes.

The Nets will likely offer Millsap a Veteran’s minimum contract, giving him the chance to contribute to a championship-contending team off the bench.

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