Ah, August…it’s the warmest month of the year, summer is starting to wind down, NFL training camps are in full swing with pre-season games on their way, and of course, the inevitable training camp rumors are starting to grow like wildfire.
The Jets, just like any other NFL team, will soon face roster cutdowns, and familiar player faces will be gone.

Who is on the proverbial “hot seat” right now?

QB Zach Wilson

Photo: Jets X Factor

For starters, top draft pick QB Zach Wilson no doubt feels a bit of heat in his rear end at this point, but that’s to be expected.  This year, Wilson is the Jets’ top draft pick and expected to lead the offense to a turnaround season overnight, correct?  I’m not trying to defend Zach Wilson, but he hasn’t even played in an NFL preseason game yet and, of course, has a huge learning curve to undergo almost overnight.  Gone are the glory days in Provo, UT slinging the ball around and leading BYU to victory.  This is the NFL, where everybody is a top football player, and as a rookie QB, you will face seasoned veterans who know what they’re doing against a rookie quarterback.

Before Jets fans and the front-office management hit the panic button, give Zach Wilson a chance to show that he is learning and progressing.  Rookies are expected to make rookie mistakes but learn from them and prove that he’s worthy of that first-round draft selection.  Give Zach Wilson a chance.  What else are you going to do this season?

CB Jason Pinnick

Other rumblings around the Jets’ depth charts include Jason Pinnick.  I wrote about Pinnick earlier and saw some possibilities there, but lately, he has moved himself down the depth charts and worked it seems out of the outside CB rotation and nowhere to be found in the nickel rotations.

Maybe Robert Saleh has plans to keep Pinnick around for a special teams role, and he will excel at that type of assignment.  However, training camp is all about shining and making a great impression because of those impressions only last seconds.

TE Chris Herndon

The same situation is facing TE Chris Herndon.  A fourth-round draft pick in 2018, Herndon missed the 2019 season and should have missed the 2020 season as well, with only 31 catches for 287 yards despite being a starter.  In five games last year, Herndon had zero stats.

Well, 2021 is here, and Herndon seems to be catching reps with the second team, and training camp is a place to shine or pack your things and move on.  Chris Herndon has to figure out if he’s going to be wearing a Jets uniform this season or not.

WR Denzel Mims

WR Denzel Mims’ star is quickly fading with the Jets as the WR depth chart now has six receivers ahead of him.  Receivers have seconds to catch a coach’s eye and impress them.  If you bring the goods with you to practice every day and make things happen on the field, you will get noticed.

Apparently, Denzel Mims has made an effort to get moved down to third-team reps, which speaks volumes in football.  I like Denzel Mims and what he did at Baylor and want to see that again in training camp.

The clock is ticking, and some players have only days left to be wearing a Jets jersey and helmet.

Featured Image: Jets X Factor
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