NFL Preseason games to most fans are not the most exciting thing in the world.  Die-hard fans love it as they get to see the position battles they read about every day.
We know it’s not the real thing, but seeing those beautiful blue jerseys for the first time never gets old.

This year, there will be a lot more fans tuning in.  It has been a LONG time since most Giants fans have been to a live NFL football game.

In less than a week, that will change when the Giants take on the cross-town rivals in the Jets.

Photo: Stephen Samra/GMENHQ

December 29th, 2019.  That was the last time the New York Football Giants played in front of a home crowd. Giants fans, heck even Jets fans, are going to be very, very excited to be back in MetLife Stadium. You saw a few weeks ago when MetLife sold 50,000 tickets to fans to watch a PRACTICE.

Last Thursday the Steelers and Cowboys drew the highest TV viewership for a preseason game since 2017: fans are excited for football to be back.  Now, if that many people are tuning in on TV, and that many people want to watch the team practice, you could imagine how the atmosphere will be in the Meadowlands.

  • Will Daniel Jones play?  If he does, it won’t be much.
  • Will the defensive starters play?  Maybe for a series.
  • Will we see this offensive line?  We better, they need some playing time.
  • Will we see Saquon Barkley?  Most definitely not.

Seeing the big names isn’t what preseason is about.  It’s about seeing the rest of the team.  It is about seeing the guys that are going to have to play when these guys can’t.

If seeing the Giants live for the first time in almost two years doesn’t excite you, maybe seeing the guys that will be playing for them for the next six months will.

Football is back, and in less than a week, we watch the New York Football Giants.  You may not see the current big names, but you just might see the next big name.
Joe Judge coaches his first football game in front of Giants fans in one week, and he is going to feel how excited we are to finally see him.

Featured Image: Stephen Samra/GMENHQ
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