The New York Rangers have been on a roll this off-season and have continued to make multiple moves. Quite a few trades and signings have happened, and the Rangers seem to be looking to add a lot of depth to the team.

Recently, the Rangers acquired Ryan Reaves in a trade from the Vegas Golden Knights. The Rangers traded a 2022 third-round draft pick.

The Rangers then signed Reaves to a one-year extension contract.

Reaves is 34-years-old. He plays right wing and has been in the NHL for 11 years. He has played for the St. Louis Blues and Pittsburgh Penguins previously.

In 11 years of playing in the NHL, Reaves has played 686 games, has scored 49 goals, and made 52 assists.

This is another Rangers signing that has more focus on the physicality of the player rather than scoring skills. Reaves is 6’1 and around 225 lbs.

Reaves is big and is known to use his size to his advantage. He does have a lot of penalty minutes recorded, but Reaves doesn’t mind taking a couple blocks or using a hit to defend.

Last season with the Golden Knights, Reaves record 141 hits and 15 blocks. Even though Reaves plays offense, he still puts in another enforcer role for this team.

Although this was a decent signing for the team, the Rangers should look towards adding other talent. It is good to have the enforcer role filled, but the Rangers now have quite a few with the addition of Reaves.

There is still more to come for this team and more room for growth. Whether it’s a big blockbuster trade or not, the Rangers need to look into another goal-scorer.

The Rangers off-season has been decent. Each move has added something new. This upcoming season will have a new team and even new coaching staff.

A lot of change has happened and the Rangers look ready to move past missing the playoffs.

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