The first five days of NFL training camp brought us many news stories, especially in the Giants world.
Kelvin Benjamin told us all his feelings on Joe Judge (even though he was wrong), Saquon has been running around at practice, Shane Lemieux injured his knee, and the Giants have brought in veteran players Todd Davis and Joe Looney.

It is a lot to think about, but for a second, just put all that aside.  Don’t start worrying about the season and if the Giants can finally put it all together.

Through the last ten years of losing seasons, one thing has remained the same.  Training camp is the most exciting and fun part of the NFL offseason.

There is absolutely no more electrifying time than right now.

You are seeing both old and new Giants get back on the actual field.

Is it exciting when the team acquires new players? Of course, it is, and that gets the imagination running, but the imagination doesn’t need to run too far when you are physically seeing these guys on the field.  How many times over this NFL offseason have you imagined Daniel Jones throwing a fade to Kenny Golladay?  Well, this week, you saw that, and more.  As training camp moves forward, the excitement for the season grows as well.

Photo: Dan Benton/Getty Images

Now, this isn’t for everyone, but NFL training camps opening up also means that it is fantasy football season.  Although not everyone plays fantasy football, I would argue that most football fans have at least one fantasy team. In terms of best parts of the offseason, NFL draft season is a close second to training camp, with fantasy football preparation trailing not too far behind.  Even those who end up not paying attention to their fantasy football team get fired up for their fantasy drafts.  No one care’s about each other’s fantasy teams, but in early September, we’re all going to tell each other about them anyway.

Seeing new players added to your team through the draft and free agency is very thrilling. When you physically see them on the field, you get even more amped up.  Spending the dog days of the summer watching your team practice every day for the first time in months hits differently than any other aspect of the offseason.

Couple that with preparing for fantasy football and eventually drafting your team, and you have the most exciting time of the year outside of the season itself.

Football season is in the air; enjoy this time where every team is on a level playing field.

Featured Image: Dan Benton/Getty Images
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