With NFL training camps starting up over the last week, new rumors and stories are coming out day after day.
One note is that Chandler Jones is unhappy with his current contract with the Cardinals and wants out of Arizona.

Many Giants fans think it would be a good idea to trade for Jones; I’m here to debunk that thought.  Although a consistent edge rusher is a big question mark on this team, there are just too many reasons that the Giants should not trade for Chandler Jones.

It sounds stupid to say the Giants shouldn’t attempt to acquire someone who had 19 sacks just two years ago.

Well, why don’t we take a trip back to 2019, when Dave Gettleman traded for Leonard Williams?  At the time, this was an extremely unpopular move.

Now, there are differences between the Williams trade and a potential Jones trade.  The main difference is that Jones has been able to consistently produce sacks, unlike Williams had at the time of his trade.  With that being said, there is one glaring similarity.  Jones is on the last year of his contract (which he is already unhappy with), as Williams was.  We will most likely have to give up at least a third-round pick if we trade for Jones, as we did in the Williams trade.  Giving up that draft capital would mean the Giants would want more than one year out of Jones.

If this trade were to happen, the Giants would be trading for a player they would more than likely have to pay at the end of the year.  Stop me if you have heard that before.  The Giants are not in the best shape cap-wise right now and have several players that will be looking for new contracts in the coming years.  Adding Jones to that list would only make things much more complicated.  With that being said, one more important difference between the Williams and Jones trade is that Father Time is not on Jones’ side.

Chandler Jones has been a top pass rusher in the NFL for a number of years.  This is obviously a reason fans are attracted to him, but it also means Jones is getting up there in age.

In a contract year, Jones is 31 years old and coming off a season where he only played five games due to a torn bicep.  Would it be wise to give up valuable draft capital for a player like this?

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Now, draft capital is just picking that may or may not turn into great players at the end of the day.  Chandler Jones has been a great player for a number of years.

The question is whether or not the Giants should bet on him continuing to be great?

If I was running the Giants, the answer to that question is no; I would bet on what they currently have.

The Giants’ main threats off the edge this season are expected to be some combination of Azeez Ojulari, Lorenzo Carter, Oshane Ximines, and Ifeadi Odenigbo. None of those guys have names that hold the value of Chandler Jones, but with a chance, maybe one day they can.

It’s no secret that Lorenzo Carter and Ximines are in the do-or-die mode, and they should be allowed to prove their worth on this team.  Not to mention, Ojulari was considered a first-round pick by some experts.  There are many young potentials, ran by a defensive coordinator in Patrick Graham, who shocked fans and those among the league last year by putting together a top ten defense.  Save our draft capital, and let Patrick Graham create new stars.

Would Chandler Jones make this defense instantly better? Of course, he would, but there are too many factors going against this trade to make it happen.

If all it would take is a 5th round pick, then do it, but Jones will cost more than that in both draft picks and money.
Let’s see if we can create the next great Giants defense with some homegrown talent.

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