Since the Giants 2016 playoff loss to the Packers, they have gone a combined 18-46.  From 2012 to 2015, the Giants went 29-35.  Everyone and their mother knows it is time to get back to our winning ways, with that being said, a certain change should be made with that.  It has been a popular trend among Giant fans to clamor for our current color rush jerseys to become the permanent away jerseys. Although, I do love our color rush uniforms, there is another uniform that should be used, and we don’t have to look far to find our “new” look.

Since 2000, the Giants have had the same home uniforms, minus a few minor changes, mainly the pants which should stay their current white color.  For some reason though, the Giants went away from their away uniform used from 2000-2004.  This was one of the cleanest uniforms in this franchise’s history. The white jerseys, with the blue collar, and red numbers outlined in blue was an awesome look.  Now look, we have had amazing memories in the current white and red uniforms, I will forever be thankful for those jerseys and the two rings that came with them, but the time has come for a change.

Besides the fact that we have been a laughing stock for a decade, there are other reasons why this uniform change just makes sense. For one, it would match the design of the home jersey, unlike the current away jersey scheme.  Second, it would open up for another alternate jersey. Along with our throwback white color rush jerseys, we could have a throwback blue 1980’s and 1990’s jersey. It would give fans the best of both worlds, allowing for our standard jersey’s to have the NY on the helmet, and the alternates to say Giant’s on the helmet.

So, to break it down: Home uniforms would remain the same, with blue jerseys, white pants and the three stripes going down the side, and NY on the helmet. The away Jerseys will be the 2000-2004 design with red numbers outlined in blue, the collar of the jersey being blue, with grey pants and current strip design, and NY on the helmet.  We would then have two alternate uniforms, one white and one blue mirroring the 1980s and 1990s design with Giants on the helmet.  Alright Mr. Mara, I broke it down for you, now make it happen!

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