The New York Mets come to the Bronx for an action-packed 4th of July weekend showdown with the New York Yankees.
The Mets sit at 41-36 while the Yankees are just 41-39.

Hal Steinbrenner spoke to reporters Thursday about what has been going on in the Bronx this season.

Although many fans wanted to see a firing of some sort, they got reassurance that this is the team the front office wants on the field.

“I’m aggravated, frustrated, angry,” he said. “But that’s not going to push me into a knee-jerk reaction to get rid of somebody that I believe the players respect, want to play for, want to win for, and overall has done a good job keeping that clubhouse together through these difficult three months.”

Under Boone’s tenure, the teams have gotten progressively worse. Since the start of the 2020 season, the Yankees are 74-66. In the previous 140 games, they were 92-48.

The game is changing faster than ever, and the Yankees don’t seem to be catching up in time.

A sense of urgency was needed heading into Fenway Park. Since then, the Yankees have lost five of six. They’re now just 17-24 against the AL East, which is the main reason for their struggles to this point. Through the end of the month, the Yankees will play 17 games against the Red Sox, Mets, Astros, and Rays.

Photo: Robert Sabo

Three teams atop the American League and your crosstown rival. This stretch, but this weekend, in particular, will make or break the season after coming off one of the worst losses in the franchise’s history, the team Thursday off. This is the true rock bottom, not being swept by the Red Sox twice. A loss where you score seven runs off the best player in baseball had a 7-2 lead, sat through two rain delays, had a four-run lead in the ninth at 1 a.m. with your closer on the mound is the rockiest of bottoms.

The Yanks will send out Jordan Montgomery, Gerritt Cole, and a TBD on Sunday. Likely either Michael King or Jameson Taillon will get the national television start. Please make no mistake about it; this is a must-win series for the Yankees. If they lost two of three, they’d be just one game above .500, and if they’re swept, they will be under .500. At that point, thoughts of selling the team may creep into their minds. If they’re able to win the series and stay afloat heading into the All-Star break, then you look at the first four series’ after the break as their make-or-break stretch.

Four games vs. the Red Sox, two games vs. the Phillies, four games at Boston, three games at Tampa Bay. That is 13 games that the Yankees will need to win 9-10 to sell the front office that the team will compete in 2021.

There are no expanded playoffs like 2020, where the Yankees were seemingly a lock to make the playoffs no matter what. They do not have that luxury this time around.

If the Yankees aren’t motivated by the horrific play over the last three months, a rock bottom defeat on Wednesday, and Hal Steinbrenner calling out the players, then maybe 2021 just isn’t the Yankees’ year.
It starts tonight against the crosstown rival Mets.

Featured Image: Robert Sabo
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